Monday, June 30, 2008

Was he suppose to go to sleep in his bed?

That was the question of the night. While mommy and daddy were out setting up the pool, a certain little someone kept getting out of bed. After telling him to get back to his room and go to sleep several times, this is how we eventually found Mr. Ethan. I guess we never told him to actually get in his bed...just "get back to your room and go to sleep." I guess next time, which I hope doesn't happen, we will have to be much clearer on where he is to go to sleep. Now it's time for mommy to go to bed!

Summer has arrived!

It's amazing how quickly our weather can change. We have gone from wondering if summer would ever arrive to complaining of how HOT it is. Just a week ago we were still wearing jackets in the mornings and evenings. The kids are waiting so patiently for us to get the pool set up. Hopefully, that will happen tonight. Everyone is miserable and the fans are going. I dread having to leave the house right now because we all get so hot and sweaty which leads to everyone getting crabby while we are out running errands or rushing out the door to swimming lessons and all those other fun things life brings our way. We hope you are all able to find a way to stay cool. Oh yeah...who says ice cream and otter pops aren't "good" things to eat all day long???...whatever keeps us cool and happy!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our camper returns

This morning, we packed up Alyssa and Ethan at 6:40 am and headed for Carnation. It took us just over 2 hours to get there. The kids did great. Of course, when we arrived at camp, all the campers were still in the dining hall finishing up breakfast. We went to Brenna's cabin and found her suitcase, pillow and sleeping bag. Of course, mom did inventory before leaving camp to make sure we had everything...and WE DID! She actually had an extra pair of socks so we took those to lost and found. It was so good to see Brenna and, yes, she was excited to see all of us as well. We got to spend about 15 minutes with her before she had to go to "closing ceremonies" at the chapel. The campers, and parents, got to watch a great DVD of the week at camp and then they had some final awards and closed with praise and worship. It was great to see this room filled with 3rd-6th graders praising God...and having fun while doing so. Brenna had an awesome week at camp. She met lots of new friends and had an amazing counselor. It was great to listen to her as she shared with us bits and pieces of morning and evening chapel times and what the Pastor shared with them during these times. It is so good to have her home! Okay, it's off to bed for this mommy.
The front of the cabins were filled with all the campers' belongings.

Brenna finding Daddy, Alyssa and Ethan.

How many people can we cram in the chapel?

Have you ever seen so many 3rd-6th graders having so much fun praising God and having a blast while doing so?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our little camper

Well, today we sent Brenna off to Camp Gilead for the week. It was a little weird leaving her there in Carnation for the week without one of us around. She went with her best friend from chuch and school. I have posted a few pictures of her arrival. I can't wait for her to get home so we can hear all about her experience. She is going to have a blast and will make lots of new friends.

(So, we are a little new at this blogging/posting thing. I can't promise that I will be posting a lot but we will see how it goes.)

Brenna with her counselor, Elizabeth

Brenna on her "bunk"...she is sharing this double bed with her friend EmmaRae

Brenna and EmmaRae...two very excited campers!!!