Saturday, December 26, 2009

Silves Family Christmas

Christmas with my family this year was at my sister's house. Jason and I started out doing what we enjoy most...loving on the babies! (It's a good thing they love us as much as we love them!)
My sister went all out this year with the decorations. I only have a few pictures but if you want to see more, go here. This is what the adult table looked like. There was no mistaking where we were to sit because the snowmen that you see on the table had our pictures in them.
The kids were at the table in the kitchen. They also had some special table decorations from auntie.
Weston was the only kiddo that got to join us at the adult table. I love him but I could not imagine what the "kid" table would have been like with him there. This little buddy needed all the adult supervision he could get that day. He gets away in the blink of an eye. (Love ya little buddy!)
After dinner, the kids were so excited to open their gifts. Wayne got to open the first gift and Weston and Paige were right there checking it all out.
Ethan did such a good job this year at waiting his turn. I will admit that he did have a few moments of being impatient waiting his turn but for the most part, he made his mommy proud! I think it helped that Grammy made a point of snuggling with him.
This little cutie, Paige, was so fun! She knew exactly what to do with her gifts and made her cute little "oh, oh" noises.
Of course, our kids were trying to figure out how Grammy knew to get them Wii games for Christmas because they had just told her at Uncle Todd and Aunt Trisha's that they got a Wii that morning. I had to tell them later that Grammy knew they were getting a Wii and wanted to get them each a new game for it.
Ethan was so excited for his Madagascar game. If you know Ethan, you know how much he is into Madagascar. He has the four main characters all represented in Webkinz pets. (Now that he finally got the giraffe in his stocking!) He was also excited for his new "Marty" zebra. He only has a very little zebra figure to play with so this bigger one is great!
My mom went a little over the top this year. She made each of the grand kids a pair of fleece pants. She put so much thought into each of the prints. Our kids received fleece blankets last year from Jason's parents, that his mom made, so my mom tried to find something that would go with their blankets.
Alyssa was the only one that got the exact match to her blanket. Of course, this was the perfect one to have the exact match...Alyssa is very matchy, matchy!
Ethan couldn't wait to get his on and neither could Wayne.
Before we left Trisha's, both boys had their new fleece pants on...over their jeans. I think Wayne eventually got his jeans off but not Ethan. There was no way he was going to let us take his new pants off. Even if it was just to get the jeans off and put the fleece pants right back on. Whatever!

Christmas day was fun but boy were the kids, and us, exhausted by the end. It was nice to be able to go home and get everything somewhat put away and just have some family time with the Wii.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning started a little later than normal around here. I guess that's what happens when we play Mouse Trap until after 11:00 pm the night before. The kids all slept until just after 8:00. It was great! I was able to get breakfast started and in the oven before the kids were ready for their rules: sleeping bags, pillows, etc. must be put away before stockings are touched and gifts are opened.

The kids were very excited for their stocking because sticking out the tops of them were Webkinz pets that they had all requested...thank you Costco and Hallmark! I was on a mad hunt one evening at Costco to find the double pack combo of Webkinz that we needed. We had been earlier with the kids and saw that the Husky and Chihauhau were boxed together. When Jason and I returned the night of Christmas shopping we didn't see the combo set. I refused to leave until I had gone through the entire stack. And, there at the bottom, was the set we were looking for! I had completely restacked all of the Webkinz, blocking part of the aisle. I was one determined Mommy!
Ethan and I had been at Hallmark one day and Ethan spotted the giraffe he had been wishing for for quite some time. He was determined that we were taking it home that day but I was sneaky and the gal just set it aside for me. I returned later that afternoon, once Ethan was at Preschool, to purchase the giraffe and was able to get him into hiding before Ethan found him. We had one excited little boy on Christmas morning.
After breakfast, we started in on the gifts. The kids were confused as to why there were two more gifts under that tree with all of their names on them. That was, until they opened them and found a Wii and the Wii Fit board. They have been wanting a Wii so we decided to make this the main gift for us all this year and just picked up a few other little/cheap things.
I are looking at this next picture thinking "I thought they just got a "little" something more to open." Well, my resourceful sis-in-law found this major deal on the LeapFrog Tag system. This item is normally a $50 item. Just before Thanksgiving, Target had this on sale for $40 and also had a $10 coupon offer for it. On top of that, we were able to get a manufacturer coupon for an additional $10 off. We could not pass up this $20 deal! Ethan was excited to get this and was ready to put it to use. It's going to be a great tool in helping him to learn to read.Jason and I got each other a little something also. Again, thanks to my resourceful sis-in-law...I was able to surprise Jason with a new electric/cordless shaver. His was no longer keeping a charge but he never complained. I just knew how frustrating it was getting for him and was glad I was able to find an amazing deal on a new shaver for him.
It was nice to have time at home to enjoy our gifts before having to head to my sister's house for my immediate family's Christmas.

Christmas Eve = One Gift

Christmas Eve was very relaxing for our family. We went to our Candlelight Service at church and on the way home, Jason and I decided that we would let the kids open up one of their joint gifts...yes there were a couple of those this year but the next post will explain why.

Anyway, we had the kids their pj's on and got their sleeping bags out...because they were sleeping around the tree and needed to get to room temperature after being stored out in the garage.

Once they were ready for bed, we gave them their this point, it is almost 10:00! They had all mentioned at one point or another that they wanted Mouse Trap for Christmas so...that's what they opened!We of course, could not make them go to bed before playing the new game...we forgot how long it actually takes to play this game, oh well!Ethan was the first one to make it to the turn the crank spot and captured Brenna's you think he was just a little excited? He instantly started in with the "happy dance."He was so cute! I love the excitement that kids bring to Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

James Street lights

We use to go to James Street Estate lights every year the week of Christmas, that is until we got the van 5 years ago. The first year we had the van we had to go through with our headlights on. I know, I know...we were breaking the rules. But, in our defense, we didn't discover until we were there and couldn't get out, that we couldn't override the headlights. There is no way to manually turn those things off. We had so many people upset at us that we decided we were never going back. That is, until this year. Jason got a "new" car a year and a half ago that we can all fit in AND we can turn the headlights off. We didn't make it last year because of the snow. So, last night, we decided that tonight was going to be the night. We didn't tell the kids where we were going. However, we were at the intersection of Bakerview and James St. and Brenna yells out, "I KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING!" She remembers this place. Alyssa didn't remember it at all but she was only 3 the last time we were there. Ethan, he had never been.

So, we get in there and get going...with the headlights off as instructed...and realize that there aren't near as many homes lit up as there use to be and the displays aren't as good as they use to be. Now, don't get me wrong. There were a few homes that were great. About half way through Alyssa informs us that she's done and ready to leave. Unfortunately for her, we were stuck and had to keep going. Not sure if we will go back next year or not. I'm just glad that Ethan enjoyed it as much as he did or it really would have been a bigger disappointment

If you know of any good places to go see Christmas lights...PLEASE SHARE!

Cookie Day!!

Today was our annual Christmas Cookie Day. Each year we get together with "Aunt" Jan and make Christmas sugar cookies. They all get to take turns helping. Aunt Jan rolls the dough out and by now, the girls have learned to strategically place the cookie cutters to get the most out of the dough.
Ethan...he's still in the plunk the cookie cutter down and call it good.
They each had several turns with cutting out the cookies and this is what we ended up with...lots and lots of cookies.
Once the cookies cooled they were ready for decorating. Alyssa was quite the decorator this year. Now, we have discovered her artistic abilities with drawing and coloring this past year but cookie decorating...who would have thought. Alyssa would get the frosting on and then place each sprinkle one by one creating different designs on her cookies. It was almost painful to watch towards the end.
Brenna and Ethan got to work and Brenna didn't need assistance this year...that was weird. She's growing up! Ethan on the other hand, he received lots of help. He tried to frost the cookies on his own but I ended up doing the frosting and he did the sprinkles.
The other part of our cookie day is the annual picture of each of the kids in front of the Christmas tree holding their plate of cookies.
The kids had such a great time with "Aunt" Jan. They were trying to convince her all afternoon that they needed to get together and make cookies for other holidays...valentine's day, Easter, etc. They love their "Aunt" Jan but honestly, I think they are in the cookie making business for the dough and frosting. I won't let them just eat it here at home but at "Aunt" Jan's, they have quality control testing issued by "Aunt" Jan.

A little Christmas gathering

Last night, we had a little Christmas gathering at my sister's house so we could see Brenna Rose, her step-daughter, and celebrate Christmas with her. Brenna and Alyssa were exchanging gifts for the cousin gift exchange. They were so excited...can you see it in their faces?
Alyssa opened her gift first. Brenna gave Alyssa an accessory kit for her American Girl outfit that Todd & Trisha gave her for her birthday. Now, that was planning!
Next, Brenna opened her gift from Alyssa and it was a flannel blanket that Alyssa and I worked on together. Brenna loved her new blanket and from what I hear, she slept with it on her bed last night and currently has it on her bed, covering up her comforter. I am so glad she likes it!
Once the two girls were finished opening gifts, Brenna had a few more gifts to open from my mom and Duane. We are sad that Brenna won't be with us for Christmas this year but glad that we were able to spend some time with her last night. The kids all had so much fun playing together and were sad when we had to leave.

Ethan was our entertainment for the evening. Once Brenna had finished opening her gifts, the kids had all headed upstairs while the adults visited for awhile. Next thing we knew, this little guy popped his head up over the stairway banister.
He was so funny! And, the more we laughed at him the funnier he got.

It was a great evening!

2 adults and 7 kids equals CHAOS!

Wondering why Weston is eating lunch in the booster seat on the floor?
Well, the chairs around the table were filled with big kids.
And, while the kiddos were eating lunch...Mr. Wyatt was suppose to be taking a nap.
Yes, it was a wild and crazy day with so many kids but thankfully Jason is home for two weeks for Christmas break and was there to help! At one point, I got really crazy and decided to make cookies with all of the big kids.
Sure am glad the cookies turned out because I was having a hard time keeping track of who put what ingredient in the bowl.
It was chaos during the process but they all had fun!

Caroling and a Christmas Program

Our Christ Group had been asked to cover the caroling portion of the morning for this past Sunday. Problem! Most of our Christ Group doesn't "sing" and then rest of the group wasn't at church. So, Jason helped our girls and Kylie and Taryn Myhre with the caroling. They did a great job! The girls were a little embarrassed at first but by the end they were doing a great job singing each of the songs.
Sunday morning was also Ethan's Christmas Program. The children's program, ages 2-5, performed the cutest song. They were all dressed in different ways for the "program". Ethan was set on being a lamb. Thankfully, his teacher had this lamb ear headband we could put over his blanket.
The kids all did so good. They knew all of the hand motions and sang all 8 verses, I think it was 8, of their song. I was thrilled that Wayne and Ethan were next to each other for the sake of pictures. I think it also helped them feel a little more comfortable up on stage...having their buddy right there!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scheib Family Christmas

Saturday night was Christmas with Jason's family at Norvel and Nancy's. Nancy asked Jason to read the story about the candy cane. If you haven't read's a great book! It does an excellent job of tying in the candy cane with the "salvation message". At the end of the story, each of the kids received a candy cane.
Is this little one cute or what?! This Autumn and she is the youngest grandchild on the Scheib side. She is just a little over 2-years old and can be a little "ham"! I just absolutely love her!
Each year, Nancy gets the kids an ornament. This year, Brenna got an angel,
Alyssa got a gold pillow with beads and the word NOEL (perfect for our Alyssa Noelle), and
and Ethan got a motorcycle. He was pretty excited about it and thought it was cool!
Grandpa and Grandma got each of the kids outfits this year. They did a great job at picking them out too!
After gifts, we broke out the dessert...which is what Ethan has all over his face here. The kids had fun just playing together. Ethan and Autumn had fun chasing each other. Ethan just couldn't leave her alone. He loves to play with little ones.
Uncle Ryan is the best! He sat on the floor away from the rest of us playing Lincoln Logs with Ethan and Autumn. He loves every chance he gets to play with Ethan since he has two girls and Ethan loves to build with Uncle Ryan. He talks about his play times with Uncle Ryan for days.
All in all, it was a great night and we have another Christmas gathering behind us. It's always great to get together with family and celebrate Christmas...Christ's birth!