Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A conversation to remember!

Today is an "Auntie" day! This is when Wayne, Weston, and Wyatt get to come play while their mommy and daddy are at work. We don't like to call it day care because it's a play date for the big boys and I get lots of snuggles with Wyatt!

Our morning started out with the big boys at the piano. I knew this meant LOUD but hey, they were happy! The "noise" stopped and I began to listen to Wayne and Ethan as they were talking.

Ethan:  "Wayne, I'm going to play a song for Jesus now."

Wayne:  "But Ethan, I want to play a song for God. We just need to play our songs together."

Ethan:  "Wayne, Jesus and God are the same person."

Wayne:  "Huh?" (the music continued.......)

I love it! I love that the boys want to do things for Jesus! I love that they, already at this young age, are wanting to do things that please him. At this point, I was not going to stop the "music". I wanted them to be proud of that "joyful" noise they were making for their Jesus, their God!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The final goodbye

This morning we said our final goodbye to the van. It is being hauled away as we speak and never to be seen again. Ethan is pretty sad that the van will be smashed. He wasn't thrilled that Wayne's grandpa was going to smash our van...at least that's what Wayne kept telling him as they watched the van being loaded. I had to sit the boys down to explain that Wayne's grandpa would not be smashing the van that he was just taking it to it's "new home". That seemed to stop the debate and I now have a happier 5 year old.

I think the weirdest part for me was driving it up on to the ramp of the truck. I didn't think I would have to be involved with this process, or was hoping I wouldn't have to be. However, there was nobody else around to help so I had to do the job.

As I was getting ready to start the van, I began to question our decision. However, once the van was started and I was listening to it run I quickly realized that it did not sound "healthy". We have been babying this van along for a couple of years and it really is time to stop pouring money into something that is going to have continual problems.

The replacement search has started but nothing has been found up to this point. We are grateful for the vehicle that is being loaned to us to use until we find a replacement. God's timing really is perfect! We could not have planned things to happen as they did. So many people have stepped up to help in any way possible. They will never know how much their help means to us. There are no words that express how we feel. We are completely overwhelmed with the love that has been shown to our family.

Here are a couple of pictures of this morning's event.
 Being chained down for the ride it is about to take down the Guide Meridian.
 Final safety check happening...I think it's funny that the Lynden Security guys were driving by in their LPD car. As if they knew this was going to be happening and needed to make sure things were going as they should. HA!