Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A conversation to remember!

Today is an "Auntie" day! This is when Wayne, Weston, and Wyatt get to come play while their mommy and daddy are at work. We don't like to call it day care because it's a play date for the big boys and I get lots of snuggles with Wyatt!

Our morning started out with the big boys at the piano. I knew this meant LOUD but hey, they were happy! The "noise" stopped and I began to listen to Wayne and Ethan as they were talking.

Ethan:  "Wayne, I'm going to play a song for Jesus now."

Wayne:  "But Ethan, I want to play a song for God. We just need to play our songs together."

Ethan:  "Wayne, Jesus and God are the same person."

Wayne:  "Huh?" (the music continued.......)

I love it! I love that the boys want to do things for Jesus! I love that they, already at this young age, are wanting to do things that please him. At this point, I was not going to stop the "music". I wanted them to be proud of that "joyful" noise they were making for their Jesus, their God!!


Tanya said...

We're saving the trinity discussion until he's five! :-)

Janice said...

hopefully they just won't break any piano strings like somebody we all know and love!! :)