Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin carving

Wednesday night was pumpkin carving night. The girls had fun scooping out the pumpkins. They were both working hard on coming up with ideas for faces for their pumpkins. I had some templates so Brenna ended up using one of those. Ethan was excited to see that we had a Pooh Bear template and chose that for his pumpkin. It was great to be able to spend some time together as a family just having fun. The kids got to bed a little later than normal but we decided that family time was more important.

This is how a 3 year old let's you know he's really not into taking least the way mommy would like him to. He had his own pose in mind.

Brenna's pumpkin

Alyssa's pumpkin

Ethan's pumpkin

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun at the theatre

This afternoon, after school, we loaded up and took Brenna, Alyssa, and a friend for each to the theatre to see HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. Oh my, 4 girls totally excited in a van for 20 minutes. Jason and I were just laughing. Yes, Jason went to the movie...such a good dad! The movie was great and we all filled up on popcorn. I could go days with no popcorn and not miss it. We probably could have taken Ethan along but we knew he would have more fun playing with his cousins. (Thank you Uncle Tyler and Auntie Tanya for keeping him.) He definitely would not have enjoyed it as much as the rest of us did. It's a fun movie to see if you are looking for a great, clean, family movie. We have been informed that this movie is on a joint Christmas list between the girls. And why wouldn't it be, we have HSM and HSM2. Our DVD collection just wouldn't be complete without it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin pictures...well kind of

Saturday we ventured out to the McPhail farm to go to the pumpkin patch. The kids had a lot of fun running around the farm, hanging out with cousin Brenna (McPhail). They rode on the train a few times and then we rode the hay wagon out to the field to get pumpkins with Trisha and Brenna (and a whole load of other people). Of course, once we got out the field, I forgot to take pictures and remembered just as Jason and Ethan were walking up to the wagon. So, I quick got a shot of the two of them. Oops. Anyway, it was a great day and the kids had fun.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week in review....

So, last Saturday, I was suppose to be scrapping but ended up doing applesauce and showing our house. Since then, here's what has happened in the Scheib household...

*Sunday - Church, lunch, SHOWED OUR HOUSE (again) and the people stayed for over an hour, Christ Group
*Monday - work, school, and just a night at home
*Tuesday - I got to be in the classrooms for the first time this school year!! Janice had Ethan for the day (thank you!) and I went to volunteer, work in the office at the bakery and then did my deliveries. The exciting thing...I got to start an hour early, this meant I got to be home for dinner, yeah! The bummer part...IT WAS RAINING and I WAS WET :-{ We got a phone call tonight from people wanting information on the house.
*Wednesday - more of the everyday (work and school), haircut for mommy (she was looking good today!...thank you Monica) and then yes, again, I got to start deliveries early! (It's a great week at the bakery!!) People from last night called to schedule an appointment for tomorrow!!
*Thursday (today) - Ethan and mommy went to Bellingham to do a few errands, Ethan went to Grammy's and I went to work in my office at the bakery. I got there at 11:30 and was informed that I would be able to start the delivery job at 1:00 again!!! I was so excited. Tonight, was STAMP CLUB!!! It was fun to go and make some cards and chat with everyone. Janice always has great snacks/candy!!! Oh yeah...Jason showed the house at 3:00 today.
*Friday - Another normal day except that I will be babysitting and not delivering for the bakery. I will, however, be going to work in my office at the bakery for a couple of hours in the afternoon because now that I am doing deliveries I don't have as much time to be in my office. Looking forward to an evening at home with the family.

That gets us up to the weekend. Hmmm, wonder what that will bring. I know this was kind of boring but so many of you like to know what we've been up to and I thought, what better to tell you then to just spill out what's on the calendar.

Hope you have all had a fabulous week! (Let's hope the next posting is more interesting than this one...I had to come up with something before the complaints started coming in again for not posting for a week. :-} )

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scrappin' Not Happenin'

So, I was hoping that today I would get some scrappin' in...that's not happening. Started the day out going to at the bakery was in much need ot my presence...for about 2 hours. When I pulled into the garage, there they were, apples, calling my name. So, I got busy making applesauce. I've only gotten half way through these apples that we were blessed with. I will finish tomorrow. You can only do so much applesauce in a day. Then, just as I was finishing with the applesauce, we got a call from a gal who was already on Cedar Drive and wanted to come see our home. We asked her for 5 minutes, and she didn't give us a minute longer. Literally 5 minutes after talking with her the doorbell went. Just so happens that she is the mother of one of our neighbors and she and her husband are going to be moving here from Hawaii and they would love to be near the much closer can you get, the back yards touch. Okay, so when her son and daughter-in-law moved her from Hawaii, they had looked at our house and it came down to our house and the one two doors down. They bought the one two doors down because it had a fireplace in it. It has become very obvious to us that they really did like our house, and that their realtor was just being polite about the fireplace thing...why else would they want his mom to look at our home, right? We have had more action on our home and people who are listed with realtors. According to the real estate market, we should not be having the amount of action on our home as we have been having. We have had more phone calls this week about our home from people truly interested...THANK YOU GOD!!!! We know that our home will sell in God's timing. All this to say, I am not scrappin' today. Oh yeah...we had a call earlier this morning from a gal who was looking for a home for her parents and was hoping they would come look at our home today...she called later to let us know they couldn't make it today.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Scrappin' in sight!

So, the temperatures confirm that fall has arrived...perfect weather for some scrappin'! We had thought about having an open house tomorrow for our house (it's the big day for Windermere open houses in Lynden so thought we'd get in on the action) but I'm really feeling like a scrappin' day is sounding so much more fun. Think of all the pages I could get done. The yard is almost ready for fall...just need to get fertilizer and lime on it, the flower beds have been gone through thoroughly one last time, the lawn is mowed. The house is clean, or as clean as it can be with three kids who like to play non-stop. What more is there to do but scrap?! Hmmmm...what to do?

Totally Outnumbered!!

Today is one of those days that I am outnumbered. There is no school today due to a teacher work day. So, not only do I have my three kiddos, I also have three extra kiddos. Ages of all these children are 19 months, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, 9-1/2 years. Talk about crazy. The extras started arriving at 6:40 this morning. I thought for sure my three would sleep in but who wants to do that when there is fun to be had. Today would be a day that I am thankful that I am going to work...and then Jason will be the one outnumered :). I'm looking for some adult conversation!! I don't think one coffee is going to make the cut today. I believe there will be another one before leaving for work at 2:00 and then "my girls" at Woods down by Boulevard Park will be handing me my usual to get me home and ready for the evening back with the family.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall has arrived

I love the way God's creation changes colors when summer turns to fall. I took a few pictures from around our yard to share. I also love the apples from our apple trees. They are young trees so there aren't very many but I can't imagine what these trees are going to produce in years to come.

All summer this was just a green "blob" in my flower bed and now there are these beautiful rust colored flowers! I love them!!!

This fence line was green all flowers just green. Now that fall is here it is absolutely beautiful! I love the "red" leaves that cover the fence. The bummer part is that the leaves are all going to fall off and then we have to look at the yucky chain link fence that belongs to the neighbors all winter and spring. Oh well, it keeps their dogs in their yard. The tree in the back is a gravenstein tree and only had a couple of apples this year. The tree in front is a Sparten and will be ready to pick in about a week. These are good little apples!!