Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pages complete!

This weekend was great! My dear friend, Janice, and I loaded our scrappin' stuff up on Friday and headed out to a weekend crop that another dear friend, Sherri, was putting on at her church. Sherri sells Creative Memories products so she puts these crops on a couple of times a year. (I would love to have you join us at the next one...just let me know if you are interested.)

We had a room full of women and a few high school girls putting memories in photo albums. We were "busy little bees" all weekend. There were two Cricuit machines going, paper punches, "hammering" for eyelets and name it and it was probably there. It is always fun to see how each of us has our own scrapping technique.

I was able to complete 13 pages in Ethan's album. Now, keep in mind, Janice and I were there for 5 hours last night and I was there from 10-4:30 today, so they weren't full days. Ethan was so excited when I got home and showed him the new pages in his album. I think he looked at his album about 6 different times before I finally told him it was time for dinner and the album needed to be put away. He was so proud of his pictures of "Baby Ethan". The next set of pages to go into his album will be his 1st birthday. I ended there because I need to make a little trip to Treasury of Memories. I'm needing some John Deere paper and stuff and I'm hoping TM will have just what I need.

So, here are some pictures of the weekend.

This is my friend Janice, another friend, Kathy Jansen, and myself...hard at work, completing many pages!
Working hard!!
This is our friend Shelly. She gave us all a good laugh this afternoon. She is wearing two pairs of glasses just to see whatever it is that she is putting on her page and get it on straight. I think it's time for Shelly to invest in a new pair of glasses...hehehe.
Here are just a couple of my favorite pages from the weekend. I realize the lighting isn't the greatest...sorry!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Plans!!

I am so looking forward to this weekend! My dear friend, Janice, and I are leaving this afternoon for a weekend scrap! I have everything sitting by the door ready to go. I am really looking forward to getting away, fellowshiping with other women, drinking coffee, and, oh yeah, getting pages completed. I am going to be working on Ethan's album this weekend. I only have his first 4 months of life in a photo album at this point. It's time to get busy! It will be nice to go and have no responsibilities. It is a local scrap so we will be able to sleep in our own beds tonight but will get up and leave in the morning and head back to the scrap. I will try to remember to get pictures of our weekend and post them later. Oh yeah...this is only the first of 3 "scraps" that I have on the calendar. I have two more coming up in the next 8 all day scrap at church in March (let me know if you want to join me...would love to have you there) and then my dear friend is having her annual scrapbooking/cardmaking slumber party in April. Oh the fun!! I better get a lot accomplished over the next two months. Okay, have a great weekend and be looking for pictures of the weekend and completed pages leter.

***Oops...I made a mistake when posting this...the scrapping slumber party is in March. How does one make such an error? So, that's 3 scrapping events in 4 weeks. (Thanks Janice for catching my mistake!! Good thing I had it on my calendar correct!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

White stuff...

Where did this white stuff outside come from? Nobody warned me about the possibility of snow. It all started late this morning and hasn't really stopped. We have gone from big flakes to snow pellets and anything in between. I was really hoping that winter was on it's way out and spring was coming. I have tulips that are starting to peak out of the ground. I am really hoping that this weather is gone very quickly!

These pictures are from this morning and the roads were still clear. The snow is now sticking to the roads and the temperature is still dropping. It is brrrrr, cold!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More of Paige Elizabeth

I thought I would quick post a couple more pictures from the day. "Thank you Jesus for this precious little girl that you have given Todd and Trisha!"

Another picture of the sisters! They have stolen their daddy's heart! :)
Auntie finally gets a picture with Paige...I was so busy taking pictures of everyone else I almost forgot about me with Paige...Thanks Trish for taking this picture!
Practicing for the many pictures to come...Paige, your other Auntie Tanya has the camera ready to go for those many photoshoots. Isn't she just precious here?!
It was so fun to just spend time with Trisha and Paige this afternoon while Todd and Brenna had some special time together. Trisha and I were able to just sit and talk about mommyhood and other fun stuff. I am so thrilled for Todd and Trisha! God has truly blessed them with this beautiful baby girl.

Welcome Paige Elizabeth!

This morning at 6:07 am, my sister and her husband welcomed a little girl. Paige Elizabeth weighed in at 6lb. 4oz. and was 20-1/4 inches long. She is a beautiful baby with lots of dark curly hair. Trisha and Paige are doing great! (Todd is doing great too :))

I got a call last night around 8:30 pm that I needed to get Brenna (Todd's daughter) as Todd and Trisha were headed to the hospital. We were so excited that the time had finally arrived. Brenna came to our house and I camped out in the family room with her as we would be getting updates throughout the night. At 2:50 am, the phone rang and it was Trisha. She was dilated to 6 cm and they were ready for Brenna to come in to see them. Brenna really wanted to go to the hospital with them at 8:30 pm but we convinced her that she really needed to get some sleep before becoming a big sister. Whew...glad that worked! I have never seen a child wake up so fast and throw on clothes. She had picked out the "perfect" outfit before we had left her house earlier. She and I were out the door by 3:10 am and at Cruisin' Coffee by 3:15. Todd was in much need of coffee as he had been up since 4:00 am Friday for work.
We arrived at the hospital by 3:35 am and found our way to Trisha's room. Brenna was so excited when we walked into the room. She snuggled with Todd for awhile and then the Grandmas started to arrive so she snuggled with each of them for a bit too.
By 5:30 am, we were leaving the room as it was getting close for Miss Paige to begin to make her way into this world. At 6:30 am, Todd came to the waiting room to get Brenna as she was the first one to meet her new sister and got to have some special sister time with Paige.
I think Trisha is going to get a bow of some sort in Miss Paige's hair!

My sister has waited so long for this absolutely perfect day! She is so proud of her precious little baby girl.

Todd's girls... :)

It was a perfect morning! Brenna (McPhail) and I are now going to go lay down and get some sleep so that we can head back in to Bellingham this afternoon to see our precious sister/niece again.

For more pictures of this beautiful baby girl, click here

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day...a little behind!

Okay, so I'm a little behind on getting these posted but we wanted to share with you our fun Valentine's tradition. We like to call it "Backwards" night. We start dinner out with ice cream. (We try not to do the same flavor.) And then, for dessert, we have pizza. It's always from Papa Murphy's in the shape of a heart. Last year was actually our first year of "Backwards" night, a friend of mine gave me the idea. Needless to say, it didn't go over so well. I know, shocking! What kid wouldn't want ice cream for dinner? The girls, Brenna especially, had a difficult time with the concept. Change is not a strength. So, this year, we forewarned the girls about "Backwards" night and it went over much better. Ethan was cute. He understands things better and while Jason and Brenna were gone getting dinner and dessert, he asked me where they were. I told him that they were getting ice cream for dinner and pizza for dessert. He turned so fast and looked straight at me and said, "NO Mom, that's not the "wules"!" I burst out laughing and told him that we like to have fun on Valentine's night and eat ice cream for dinner and pizza for dessert. I thought for sure we were going to have a battle on our hands but he quickly complied and said "OK, that's silly." I love that little guy!

Everyone enjoying their dinner...funny how we didn't have any battles with the kiddos finishing their dinner. They all finished so quickly.
Dreyers LOADED Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was the flavor of choice. Brenna had the honors of picking out the ice cream for this year. Alyssa is already trying to decide what we will have next year.
Here is the pizza before we cooked it.
We gave the kids Madagascar 2 for Valentine's Day. We all sat around the coffee table eating our pizza while watching the new movie. It was a great family night!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Making Valentine's

This past Saturday, we got to spend some time with our niece/cousin, Brenna McPhail. I took the three girls to the library for a time to make Valentine crafts. They had a blast and I think they brought in the entired craft section from Michael's for the kids to use. Yes, there was that much stuff to choose from. It took the girls forever to decide on what craft they wanted to make. It was fun to watch their imaginations go to work and to see the outcome of each. Our fingers were very sticky by the end of the hour from all the glue we used.

Friday, February 6, 2009

WOW!'s been awhile

So, I didn't realize how long it had been since I had put up a post...other than my fat lip post and sorry to those of you who were hoping for a picture.

Life here at the Scheib household as been busy. The girls have had school as usual and Brenna started swimming lessons last week. It is a free program that the Kiwanis Club offers through the YMCA for all of the 4th graders in Lynden. Jason has been working as usual and prepping for worship on Sundays. Ethan and I, we just never know what our days will consist of. He and I have been on Grammy and T-T "duty". Don't get me wrong, I love being able to help out. Sometimes it means just leaving Ethan at Grammy's house to help her day move a long a little faster and it helps me by getting errands done a little situation! (He just sits in one spot and plays with the toys...sometimes I wish he would do that here at home.) Actually, my times of helping mom have been decreasing because her hip and heel are healing and she has been able to do more and more on her own.

My sister has been on bedrest and is now officially 35 weeks!! Can't wait for precious baby McPhail to arrive. Todd has had the past couple of weeks off to take care of Trisha (his employer is amazing with these types of situations) but he really needed to get out to the greenhouse to work with the tomatoes on Thursday (yesterday). So, I got a call on Tuesday wondering if Ethan and I could "babysit" Trisha. It was a great day! I was able to help get posters hung up in Brenna Rose's room while Trisha sat on the bed and told me where things needed to go. She was allowed stair privileges yesterday while I was trip up and one trip down.

Tuesday we attended the 4th grade Winter Concert at Isom. They did such a great job singing and each class performed an instrumental piece that they had been working on. They all did such a great job but the music teacher announced that Brenna's class had taken what he taught them and added to it. They did a great job and they put a huge smile on their teacher's face. I don't know who was prouder, the parents or Mrs. Crane.

Today, I was managing 7 kids by 8:00. Now, that does include my 3. My sis-in-law walked in asking my kids where I was and wondering if I had headed for the funny farm yet. Haha! By 8:40, I had Brenna, Alyssa, Blake and Kylie out the door to catch the bus and the house was suddenly so quiet. Now, Weston is sleeping and Wayne and Ethan are playing quite nicely. I love play dates. They help keep the kids busy and allow me to get a few things done around catching up on the blogging world. Hehe...does this count as something I get to cross off of my never ending "to-do" list?

Oh yeah, here is a picture of our most recent craft project. We made 20 of each for classroom Valentine's. The girls had been going through my most recent edition of FamilyFun and found these. I was such a sucker and said, "Sure, I can make those." So, little by little I have been getting them completed. The girls helped finish them off yesterday.

Okay, I'll get the picture posted and then, it's back to my piles of laundry. I hear that both the washer and dryer have finished their cycles so time to empty the dryer, transfer clothes in washer to dryer, and re-load the washer. This could be an all day event. Have a good one!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

1:00am + scared 3 yr. old = fat lip...

1:00 am, everyone is sleeping and suddenly we hear Ethan crying. You know, that "I'm really scared" cry. Jason and I both sit straight up and before I could even gather my thoughts, I see Ethan come flying into our room. I lean towards him to grab him and BOOM! I thought for sure Jason was going to have to take me in for stitches or something. My upper lip hurt so bad and I could tell that it was bleeding. Of course, it's still dark so I have no idea how bad. So, there I lay, sore lip and a 3 year old who won't let go of his mommy because he is so scared. We finally peel him off of me and Jason takes him while I go and get an ice pack. I go to a mirror to check it out and "Thank you, Lord!" lip was not as bad as I initially thought it was. My tooth had scraped off the first layer of skin of my upper lip which caused the bleeding. Now, I'm just walking around with a puffy, upper lip. I laid there icing my lip forever, hoping I wouldn't have a fat lip this morning...NOT! In case anyone is wondering, Ethan came away without a mark. For all of you mommies with young children, never try to grab them while they are running at you full speed and scared.