Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome Paige Elizabeth!

This morning at 6:07 am, my sister and her husband welcomed a little girl. Paige Elizabeth weighed in at 6lb. 4oz. and was 20-1/4 inches long. She is a beautiful baby with lots of dark curly hair. Trisha and Paige are doing great! (Todd is doing great too :))

I got a call last night around 8:30 pm that I needed to get Brenna (Todd's daughter) as Todd and Trisha were headed to the hospital. We were so excited that the time had finally arrived. Brenna came to our house and I camped out in the family room with her as we would be getting updates throughout the night. At 2:50 am, the phone rang and it was Trisha. She was dilated to 6 cm and they were ready for Brenna to come in to see them. Brenna really wanted to go to the hospital with them at 8:30 pm but we convinced her that she really needed to get some sleep before becoming a big sister. Whew...glad that worked! I have never seen a child wake up so fast and throw on clothes. She had picked out the "perfect" outfit before we had left her house earlier. She and I were out the door by 3:10 am and at Cruisin' Coffee by 3:15. Todd was in much need of coffee as he had been up since 4:00 am Friday for work.
We arrived at the hospital by 3:35 am and found our way to Trisha's room. Brenna was so excited when we walked into the room. She snuggled with Todd for awhile and then the Grandmas started to arrive so she snuggled with each of them for a bit too.
By 5:30 am, we were leaving the room as it was getting close for Miss Paige to begin to make her way into this world. At 6:30 am, Todd came to the waiting room to get Brenna as she was the first one to meet her new sister and got to have some special sister time with Paige.
I think Trisha is going to get a bow of some sort in Miss Paige's hair!

My sister has waited so long for this absolutely perfect day! She is so proud of her precious little baby girl.

Todd's girls... :)

It was a perfect morning! Brenna (McPhail) and I are now going to go lay down and get some sleep so that we can head back in to Bellingham this afternoon to see our precious sister/niece again.

For more pictures of this beautiful baby girl, click here


Tanya said...

If ever there was reason to miss some sleep, this was it! You are an amazing supportive sister who has done so much... Congratulations Auntie, you have a new niece!

Janice said...

Praising the Lord for healthy baby and mom! Can't wait to meet her! Once again Tanya, you are such a help and a blessing - I'm sure Trisha and Todd feel that way!