Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Plans!!

I am so looking forward to this weekend! My dear friend, Janice, and I are leaving this afternoon for a weekend scrap! I have everything sitting by the door ready to go. I am really looking forward to getting away, fellowshiping with other women, drinking coffee, and, oh yeah, getting pages completed. I am going to be working on Ethan's album this weekend. I only have his first 4 months of life in a photo album at this point. It's time to get busy! It will be nice to go and have no responsibilities. It is a local scrap so we will be able to sleep in our own beds tonight but will get up and leave in the morning and head back to the scrap. I will try to remember to get pictures of our weekend and post them later. Oh yeah...this is only the first of 3 "scraps" that I have on the calendar. I have two more coming up in the next 8 all day scrap at church in March (let me know if you want to join me...would love to have you there) and then my dear friend is having her annual scrapbooking/cardmaking slumber party in April. Oh the fun!! I better get a lot accomplished over the next two months. Okay, have a great weekend and be looking for pictures of the weekend and completed pages leter.

***Oops...I made a mistake when posting this...the scrapping slumber party is in March. How does one make such an error? So, that's 3 scrapping events in 4 weeks. (Thanks Janice for catching my mistake!! Good thing I had it on my calendar correct!)


Janice said...

P.S. The annual slumber party is March 27 & 28 NOT April :-)! Sure hope it's marked right on your calendar! I had fun tonight too - just not enough creative juices flowing........hopefully tomorrow!

Tanya said...

oops...i meant march for the slumber party and is correct on my calendar.

Kristy Wind said...

Hey Tanya, I'm interested in the church one, has it been announced? I keep missing announcements because I'm in childrens church. Thanks!