Friday, February 6, 2009

WOW!'s been awhile

So, I didn't realize how long it had been since I had put up a post...other than my fat lip post and sorry to those of you who were hoping for a picture.

Life here at the Scheib household as been busy. The girls have had school as usual and Brenna started swimming lessons last week. It is a free program that the Kiwanis Club offers through the YMCA for all of the 4th graders in Lynden. Jason has been working as usual and prepping for worship on Sundays. Ethan and I, we just never know what our days will consist of. He and I have been on Grammy and T-T "duty". Don't get me wrong, I love being able to help out. Sometimes it means just leaving Ethan at Grammy's house to help her day move a long a little faster and it helps me by getting errands done a little situation! (He just sits in one spot and plays with the toys...sometimes I wish he would do that here at home.) Actually, my times of helping mom have been decreasing because her hip and heel are healing and she has been able to do more and more on her own.

My sister has been on bedrest and is now officially 35 weeks!! Can't wait for precious baby McPhail to arrive. Todd has had the past couple of weeks off to take care of Trisha (his employer is amazing with these types of situations) but he really needed to get out to the greenhouse to work with the tomatoes on Thursday (yesterday). So, I got a call on Tuesday wondering if Ethan and I could "babysit" Trisha. It was a great day! I was able to help get posters hung up in Brenna Rose's room while Trisha sat on the bed and told me where things needed to go. She was allowed stair privileges yesterday while I was trip up and one trip down.

Tuesday we attended the 4th grade Winter Concert at Isom. They did such a great job singing and each class performed an instrumental piece that they had been working on. They all did such a great job but the music teacher announced that Brenna's class had taken what he taught them and added to it. They did a great job and they put a huge smile on their teacher's face. I don't know who was prouder, the parents or Mrs. Crane.

Today, I was managing 7 kids by 8:00. Now, that does include my 3. My sis-in-law walked in asking my kids where I was and wondering if I had headed for the funny farm yet. Haha! By 8:40, I had Brenna, Alyssa, Blake and Kylie out the door to catch the bus and the house was suddenly so quiet. Now, Weston is sleeping and Wayne and Ethan are playing quite nicely. I love play dates. They help keep the kids busy and allow me to get a few things done around catching up on the blogging world. Hehe...does this count as something I get to cross off of my never ending "to-do" list?

Oh yeah, here is a picture of our most recent craft project. We made 20 of each for classroom Valentine's. The girls had been going through my most recent edition of FamilyFun and found these. I was such a sucker and said, "Sure, I can make those." So, little by little I have been getting them completed. The girls helped finish them off yesterday.

Okay, I'll get the picture posted and then, it's back to my piles of laundry. I hear that both the washer and dryer have finished their cycles so time to empty the dryer, transfer clothes in washer to dryer, and re-load the washer. This could be an all day event. Have a good one!


Janice said...

I feel sorry for all the "regular" mommies that just buy a box of valentines - we "regular" mommies "hate" mommies like you!! :-) Your girls are so lucky they have a OCD mom - at least that's what I tell my kids all the time!

The Scheib Family said...

I am usually one of those "regular" mommies. I gave in this year to them wanting to do something beyond the normal box of valentines. I'm just glad the project is finished! Too many other things to do.

Tanya said...

Thanks again for having the boys, I so appreciate it!