Saturday, February 21, 2009

More of Paige Elizabeth

I thought I would quick post a couple more pictures from the day. "Thank you Jesus for this precious little girl that you have given Todd and Trisha!"

Another picture of the sisters! They have stolen their daddy's heart! :)
Auntie finally gets a picture with Paige...I was so busy taking pictures of everyone else I almost forgot about me with Paige...Thanks Trish for taking this picture!
Practicing for the many pictures to come...Paige, your other Auntie Tanya has the camera ready to go for those many photoshoots. Isn't she just precious here?!
It was so fun to just spend time with Trisha and Paige this afternoon while Todd and Brenna had some special time together. Trisha and I were able to just sit and talk about mommyhood and other fun stuff. I am so thrilled for Todd and Trisha! God has truly blessed them with this beautiful baby girl.

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Janice said...

That's right auntie - get those auntie points now! She's a beautiful baby! I bet it's so tempting to go shopping!!