Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pages complete!

This weekend was great! My dear friend, Janice, and I loaded our scrappin' stuff up on Friday and headed out to a weekend crop that another dear friend, Sherri, was putting on at her church. Sherri sells Creative Memories products so she puts these crops on a couple of times a year. (I would love to have you join us at the next one...just let me know if you are interested.)

We had a room full of women and a few high school girls putting memories in photo albums. We were "busy little bees" all weekend. There were two Cricuit machines going, paper punches, "hammering" for eyelets and name it and it was probably there. It is always fun to see how each of us has our own scrapping technique.

I was able to complete 13 pages in Ethan's album. Now, keep in mind, Janice and I were there for 5 hours last night and I was there from 10-4:30 today, so they weren't full days. Ethan was so excited when I got home and showed him the new pages in his album. I think he looked at his album about 6 different times before I finally told him it was time for dinner and the album needed to be put away. He was so proud of his pictures of "Baby Ethan". The next set of pages to go into his album will be his 1st birthday. I ended there because I need to make a little trip to Treasury of Memories. I'm needing some John Deere paper and stuff and I'm hoping TM will have just what I need.

So, here are some pictures of the weekend.

This is my friend Janice, another friend, Kathy Jansen, and myself...hard at work, completing many pages!
Working hard!!
This is our friend Shelly. She gave us all a good laugh this afternoon. She is wearing two pairs of glasses just to see whatever it is that she is putting on her page and get it on straight. I think it's time for Shelly to invest in a new pair of glasses...hehehe.
Here are just a couple of my favorite pages from the weekend. I realize the lighting isn't the greatest...sorry!


Tanya said...

Speaking of little peanuts... my baby Ethan! I remember visiting you on my lunch breaks when he was born... what happened to the years that have gone by since then? He was such a little cutie, and it was so fun to see the Scheib's with a baby boy! Good thing too... cousin Wayne was just 8 months away!

Ashley said...

I was in timekeeper's today and saw some John Deere stickers that were cute...just in case you don't find anything at Treasury of Memories!

Janice said...

You mean I actually got more pages done than you - that's a first!!! I just might try to crank out a couple more today - gotta keep in the groove!! Had a great time with you!