Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week in review....

So, last Saturday, I was suppose to be scrapping but ended up doing applesauce and showing our house. Since then, here's what has happened in the Scheib household...

*Sunday - Church, lunch, SHOWED OUR HOUSE (again) and the people stayed for over an hour, Christ Group
*Monday - work, school, and just a night at home
*Tuesday - I got to be in the classrooms for the first time this school year!! Janice had Ethan for the day (thank you!) and I went to volunteer, work in the office at the bakery and then did my deliveries. The exciting thing...I got to start an hour early, this meant I got to be home for dinner, yeah! The bummer part...IT WAS RAINING and I WAS WET :-{ We got a phone call tonight from people wanting information on the house.
*Wednesday - more of the everyday (work and school), haircut for mommy (she was looking good today!...thank you Monica) and then yes, again, I got to start deliveries early! (It's a great week at the bakery!!) People from last night called to schedule an appointment for tomorrow!!
*Thursday (today) - Ethan and mommy went to Bellingham to do a few errands, Ethan went to Grammy's and I went to work in my office at the bakery. I got there at 11:30 and was informed that I would be able to start the delivery job at 1:00 again!!! I was so excited. Tonight, was STAMP CLUB!!! It was fun to go and make some cards and chat with everyone. Janice always has great snacks/candy!!! Oh yeah...Jason showed the house at 3:00 today.
*Friday - Another normal day except that I will be babysitting and not delivering for the bakery. I will, however, be going to work in my office at the bakery for a couple of hours in the afternoon because now that I am doing deliveries I don't have as much time to be in my office. Looking forward to an evening at home with the family.

That gets us up to the weekend. Hmmm, wonder what that will bring. I know this was kind of boring but so many of you like to know what we've been up to and I thought, what better to tell you then to just spill out what's on the calendar.

Hope you have all had a fabulous week! (Let's hope the next posting is more interesting than this one...I had to come up with something before the complaints started coming in again for not posting for a week. :-} )


Georgiann said...

Hi there~ I stumbled onto your blog.I to live in Washington,down south from you aways. Just thought I would say Hi!

Peace in Christ,
Georgiann mom to 6 kiddos

Come say Hi~

Janice said...

Hey girlie! You went right home and blogged after Stamp Club! You'd be so proud of me, I made cards right away with all the precut stuff and didn't just shove it all away! Now I have lots of cards and no little baggies full of supplies waiting for me to get to them! Thanks for helping me tonight!