Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scrappin' Not Happenin'

So, I was hoping that today I would get some scrappin' in...that's not happening. Started the day out going to at the bakery was in much need ot my presence...for about 2 hours. When I pulled into the garage, there they were, apples, calling my name. So, I got busy making applesauce. I've only gotten half way through these apples that we were blessed with. I will finish tomorrow. You can only do so much applesauce in a day. Then, just as I was finishing with the applesauce, we got a call from a gal who was already on Cedar Drive and wanted to come see our home. We asked her for 5 minutes, and she didn't give us a minute longer. Literally 5 minutes after talking with her the doorbell went. Just so happens that she is the mother of one of our neighbors and she and her husband are going to be moving here from Hawaii and they would love to be near the much closer can you get, the back yards touch. Okay, so when her son and daughter-in-law moved her from Hawaii, they had looked at our house and it came down to our house and the one two doors down. They bought the one two doors down because it had a fireplace in it. It has become very obvious to us that they really did like our house, and that their realtor was just being polite about the fireplace thing...why else would they want his mom to look at our home, right? We have had more action on our home and people who are listed with realtors. According to the real estate market, we should not be having the amount of action on our home as we have been having. We have had more phone calls this week about our home from people truly interested...THANK YOU GOD!!!! We know that our home will sell in God's timing. All this to say, I am not scrappin' today. Oh yeah...we had a call earlier this morning from a gal who was looking for a home for her parents and was hoping they would come look at our home today...she called later to let us know they couldn't make it today.


Tanya said...

Be still my heart, she really has posted so many blog entries! Glad to get the updates (and the phone calls! :-) ) Good luck getting that scrappin' done!

Janice said...

I still like the new sign idea "For Sale By Owner (God in Control!)" Well we'll just have to plan a scrappin' day to replace Saturday's plans!