Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun at the theatre

This afternoon, after school, we loaded up and took Brenna, Alyssa, and a friend for each to the theatre to see HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. Oh my, 4 girls totally excited in a van for 20 minutes. Jason and I were just laughing. Yes, Jason went to the movie...such a good dad! The movie was great and we all filled up on popcorn. I could go days with no popcorn and not miss it. We probably could have taken Ethan along but we knew he would have more fun playing with his cousins. (Thank you Uncle Tyler and Auntie Tanya for keeping him.) He definitely would not have enjoyed it as much as the rest of us did. It's a fun movie to see if you are looking for a great, clean, family movie. We have been informed that this movie is on a joint Christmas list between the girls. And why wouldn't it be, we have HSM and HSM2. Our DVD collection just wouldn't be complete without it.

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