Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A birthday celebration with friends!

So, on Saturday, Alyssa celebrated her upcoming 8th birthday with seven other girls. Six of them were from her class at school and the other one was her cousin Brenna. These girls were all so excited to be together and all got along great! I was so pleased with how the morning went. They all arrived at 11:00, they played for a little while and then had pizza for lunch.

After lunch, Alyssa got to sit with each of her friends as she opened their gift...it's something we've always done with their friends and it guarantees that I get a picture of each of the girls that attended the party. The struggle is figuring out the order of who goes first. I don't ever let Alyssa pick because I don't want anyone to feel like maybe they aren't liked as much as someone else. So, this year, I decided we would just go in alphabetical order. First up...Brenna! The girls were both so giggly.
This is Alyssa's best friend, and other cousin, Kylie. These girls are so cute together and play so well and they know just what the other one needs.
Some of the girls got a little antsy while waiting their turn and started attacking each other.
After gifts, the girls headed off to play for a few more minutes because I was also trying to get ready for a Christmas party that night and needed to be in the kitchen for a few minutes. Once we gathered them all together again at the table, we sang Happy Birthday to Alyssa and had cupcakes. I just realized...I never pulled out the ice cream. Oops!
The girls all left at 1:00 but Kylie's parents had made arrangements for Kylie to stay longer while they were taking care of some things in Bellingham. We always love having Kylie over. I just wish it could happen more often for the girls. It's just sad that the busyness of life gets in the way of these kinds of things.

Alyssa had received a pillow case with fabric crayons for coloring on it with. So, she asked Kylie and Brenna to help her complete it. They all worked really well together and the pillowcase turned out really cute.
It was a great way to start a birthday celebration!


Janice said...

Another year - aren't they slipping by fast!!

Tanya said...

That looks like an awful lot of girls to be together all at once!