Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookie Day!!

Today was our annual Christmas Cookie Day. Each year we get together with "Aunt" Jan and make Christmas sugar cookies. They all get to take turns helping. Aunt Jan rolls the dough out and by now, the girls have learned to strategically place the cookie cutters to get the most out of the dough.
Ethan...he's still in the plunk the cookie cutter down and call it good.
They each had several turns with cutting out the cookies and this is what we ended up with...lots and lots of cookies.
Once the cookies cooled they were ready for decorating. Alyssa was quite the decorator this year. Now, we have discovered her artistic abilities with drawing and coloring this past year but cookie decorating...who would have thought. Alyssa would get the frosting on and then place each sprinkle one by one creating different designs on her cookies. It was almost painful to watch towards the end.
Brenna and Ethan got to work and Brenna didn't need assistance this year...that was weird. She's growing up! Ethan on the other hand, he received lots of help. He tried to frost the cookies on his own but I ended up doing the frosting and he did the sprinkles.
The other part of our cookie day is the annual picture of each of the kids in front of the Christmas tree holding their plate of cookies.
The kids had such a great time with "Aunt" Jan. They were trying to convince her all afternoon that they needed to get together and make cookies for other holidays...valentine's day, Easter, etc. They love their "Aunt" Jan but honestly, I think they are in the cookie making business for the dough and frosting. I won't let them just eat it here at home but at "Aunt" Jan's, they have quality control testing issued by "Aunt" Jan.

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Janice said...

Thanks for the post - I love it - and I love my kids! I hope they'll always want to come make cookies! Wish my tree lights had been fixed before the pics :-(!