Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1st Christmas Party with the Groens

Once all of the party girls left, we moved into Christmas party mode. My grandma always gets our extended Groen family together early in December so that she can have the majority of the very big family together at once.

Here I am with my nephew Wyatt. I love this little guy and thankfully, he loves his auntie too!
Ethan and Wayne sat great at the table waiting for dinner to get started. People would walk by handing them snacks...crackers, smoked salmon, olives.
Paige, Trisha and Brenna
There are so many of us at Grandma's that we are actually running out of chairs and are needing to look into fitting in another table and getting more chairs. This just means that our family has been truly blessed and Grandma wouldn't have it any other way! Alyssa, Brenna McPhail (my niece) and Brenna were such good sports about sitting on the couch to eat their dinner. We told them this was the one time we were telling them they could act like teenagers. They loved it!
In the midst of the birthday party that we had at our house, and throughout the rest of the afternoon, Jason and I made 6 dozen homemade rolls. I almost forgot to take a picture. Thankfully my sis-in-law reminded me when she was taking a picture of them. These were a huge hit...I think we have just been nominated roll bakers for family gatherings.
Once we had dinner cleaned up and tables moved out of the way. The great-grandkids all got a gift from Grandma. The girls each received a leather bracelet with slides that attach to it. They kept asking me how Grandma knew which "slides" they wanted because they had only showed me. What the kids don't know is that all of the mommies do the shopping for their kids for Grandma and then we deliver the gifts to Grandma so she can enjoy wrapping them and putting them under the tree.
Once the kids were finished with their gifts and were settled, for the most part, it was time for the adults to do their gift exchange game. We played a new game this year and it was a lot of fun! We did, however, decide that we were taking down more tables next year...behind each the circle of people are tables...we need the center of our circle to be bigger for more running room. It was still fun!
The family gathering was a great start to the Christmas season!

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