Saturday, December 26, 2009

Silves Family Christmas

Christmas with my family this year was at my sister's house. Jason and I started out doing what we enjoy most...loving on the babies! (It's a good thing they love us as much as we love them!)
My sister went all out this year with the decorations. I only have a few pictures but if you want to see more, go here. This is what the adult table looked like. There was no mistaking where we were to sit because the snowmen that you see on the table had our pictures in them.
The kids were at the table in the kitchen. They also had some special table decorations from auntie.
Weston was the only kiddo that got to join us at the adult table. I love him but I could not imagine what the "kid" table would have been like with him there. This little buddy needed all the adult supervision he could get that day. He gets away in the blink of an eye. (Love ya little buddy!)
After dinner, the kids were so excited to open their gifts. Wayne got to open the first gift and Weston and Paige were right there checking it all out.
Ethan did such a good job this year at waiting his turn. I will admit that he did have a few moments of being impatient waiting his turn but for the most part, he made his mommy proud! I think it helped that Grammy made a point of snuggling with him.
This little cutie, Paige, was so fun! She knew exactly what to do with her gifts and made her cute little "oh, oh" noises.
Of course, our kids were trying to figure out how Grammy knew to get them Wii games for Christmas because they had just told her at Uncle Todd and Aunt Trisha's that they got a Wii that morning. I had to tell them later that Grammy knew they were getting a Wii and wanted to get them each a new game for it.
Ethan was so excited for his Madagascar game. If you know Ethan, you know how much he is into Madagascar. He has the four main characters all represented in Webkinz pets. (Now that he finally got the giraffe in his stocking!) He was also excited for his new "Marty" zebra. He only has a very little zebra figure to play with so this bigger one is great!
My mom went a little over the top this year. She made each of the grand kids a pair of fleece pants. She put so much thought into each of the prints. Our kids received fleece blankets last year from Jason's parents, that his mom made, so my mom tried to find something that would go with their blankets.
Alyssa was the only one that got the exact match to her blanket. Of course, this was the perfect one to have the exact match...Alyssa is very matchy, matchy!
Ethan couldn't wait to get his on and neither could Wayne.
Before we left Trisha's, both boys had their new fleece pants on...over their jeans. I think Wayne eventually got his jeans off but not Ethan. There was no way he was going to let us take his new pants off. Even if it was just to get the jeans off and put the fleece pants right back on. Whatever!

Christmas day was fun but boy were the kids, and us, exhausted by the end. It was nice to be able to go home and get everything somewhat put away and just have some family time with the Wii.

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