Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scheib Family Christmas

Saturday night was Christmas with Jason's family at Norvel and Nancy's. Nancy asked Jason to read the story about the candy cane. If you haven't read's a great book! It does an excellent job of tying in the candy cane with the "salvation message". At the end of the story, each of the kids received a candy cane.
Is this little one cute or what?! This Autumn and she is the youngest grandchild on the Scheib side. She is just a little over 2-years old and can be a little "ham"! I just absolutely love her!
Each year, Nancy gets the kids an ornament. This year, Brenna got an angel,
Alyssa got a gold pillow with beads and the word NOEL (perfect for our Alyssa Noelle), and
and Ethan got a motorcycle. He was pretty excited about it and thought it was cool!
Grandpa and Grandma got each of the kids outfits this year. They did a great job at picking them out too!
After gifts, we broke out the dessert...which is what Ethan has all over his face here. The kids had fun just playing together. Ethan and Autumn had fun chasing each other. Ethan just couldn't leave her alone. He loves to play with little ones.
Uncle Ryan is the best! He sat on the floor away from the rest of us playing Lincoln Logs with Ethan and Autumn. He loves every chance he gets to play with Ethan since he has two girls and Ethan loves to build with Uncle Ryan. He talks about his play times with Uncle Ryan for days.
All in all, it was a great night and we have another Christmas gathering behind us. It's always great to get together with family and celebrate Christmas...Christ's birth!

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