Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Look who got glasses!

So on Monday, we took Ethan and Alyssa to the eye doctor. We've been really concerned about Ethan's eyes because he seems to be blinking a lot when watching tv and trying to see things farther away from him and tells me that there are fuzzies on the tv and other things. Alyssa has mentioned a few times that her eyes water when looking at the tv or computer screen. So, we made them each an appointment.

Ethan's eyes, surprisingly, were fine. They focused perfectly when the eye doctor dilated them. He told us that it could just be a time where he is growing and his eyes are having to "catch up". They don't expect 20/20 vision from 4 year olds and it's very rare for kids to have 20/20 vision at this point.

We weren't even halfway through Alyssa's exam when the eye doctor informed me that she would for sure be getting glasses. WHAT?!

I feel like such a horrible mommy. How did I not figure out that she had poor eye sight? Here is a comparison...Brenna is nearsighted and was diagnosed in Kindergarten with a -0.25 in both eyes and has gradually gone to -0.75 in both eyes (she hit this in October at her annual eye exam). Alyssa is now nearsighted and just now diagnosed in 2nd grade with -0.75 in her left eye and -1.00 in her right eye...she has worse eyesight than Brenna and we didn't have a clue. Thankfully her school work and learning hasn't been hindered by this. It's amazing how the slightest correction can make the biggest improvement!

So, we left the eye doctor and headed to LensCrafters. We were not going to make this poor girl go any longer than she had to without glasses.
She looks so much like Brenna now! I kept calling her Brenna on Monday night.

So, now we officially have three people in our family who are nearsighted. The girls for sure got their "eye genes" from their daddy.

Alyssa informed us after school on Tuesday, which was also her birthday, that she could see things a lot better at school.

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