Friday, December 18, 2009

Auntie's van is full!

Today was a busy day! It wasn't busy in the way of having lots of places to go, etc. but busy because I had 5 kiddos all 4-years and under.

Normally, when I have Paige and the boys, my mom is able to come and get Ethan to and from Preschool. But today, of all days, mom had a hair appointment and wasnt' able to help. Thankfully, I have enough carseats and seatbelts to keep everyone safe!

This is how they were loaded up...Wayne and Paige took the very back...Weston, Wyatt and Ethan were in the middle row. Ethan wasn't thrilled about not being in the back with Wayne. Normally, they are in the back together but I needed him close to be able to get him out quickly and into Preschool.
The three older kids thought it was great that they were getting to ride together in the van and that we were filling it full. It was also a nice change-up in their day. It only took about 5 minutes to get them all loaded up. Not too shabby!

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Tanya said...

Have I told you lately.... you're nuts?