Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve = One Gift

Christmas Eve was very relaxing for our family. We went to our Candlelight Service at church and on the way home, Jason and I decided that we would let the kids open up one of their joint gifts...yes there were a couple of those this year but the next post will explain why.

Anyway, we had the kids their pj's on and got their sleeping bags out...because they were sleeping around the tree and needed to get to room temperature after being stored out in the garage.

Once they were ready for bed, we gave them their this point, it is almost 10:00! They had all mentioned at one point or another that they wanted Mouse Trap for Christmas so...that's what they opened!We of course, could not make them go to bed before playing the new game...we forgot how long it actually takes to play this game, oh well!Ethan was the first one to make it to the turn the crank spot and captured Brenna's you think he was just a little excited? He instantly started in with the "happy dance."He was so cute! I love the excitement that kids bring to Christmas!

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Tanya said...

Way to take down your sister, Ethan-Monster!