Monday, June 23, 2008

Our little camper

Well, today we sent Brenna off to Camp Gilead for the week. It was a little weird leaving her there in Carnation for the week without one of us around. She went with her best friend from chuch and school. I have posted a few pictures of her arrival. I can't wait for her to get home so we can hear all about her experience. She is going to have a blast and will make lots of new friends.

(So, we are a little new at this blogging/posting thing. I can't promise that I will be posting a lot but we will see how it goes.)

Brenna with her counselor, Elizabeth

Brenna on her "bunk"...she is sharing this double bed with her friend EmmaRae

Brenna and EmmaRae...two very excited campers!!!


Tanya said...

Woo-hooo! Welcome to the blogging world! Can't wait to follow the Scheib's!

Mark Scheib said...

Great job Tanya, Camp Gilead brings back a lot of memories from the 6 years that I went. It looks like they have upgraded those cabins a little since my day. Brenna will have life long memories from her experiences there.

Uncle Mark