Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Only 2 more sleeps!!

I am getting so excited for a weekend of scrapbooking!! My dear friend, Janice, holds an annual scrapbooking sleepover. We have a houseful of women and as much scrappin' stuff as we can fit in and we work on photo albums, and some times cards. We start Friday afternoon and go until Saturday evening. Some of us do find ourselves crawling into a bed sometime during the night, her family is so gracious in leaving the house and allowing us to take over their beds, and some of us stay up all night. I'm not sure how those who stay up all night actually get anything accomplished. I can't think clearly passed 11:00 pm, sometimes earlier, so the ideas for pages get pretty sketchy.

Janice does all of the cooking, some of us will assist, but she has all of the meals planned. I will be providing the chocolate fountain again this year. And, there will be snacks galore that we will all have along to share.

It will be a great weekend of fellowship and getting memories into albums.

Can't wait to share with you what was accomplished...other than eating. :)


Janice said...

ooooooo-you do make it sound so fun!! I was trying to figure - could this be my 10th annual slumber party? I think it might be!! What do you think?

Tanya said...

Yes, I believe this is year 10 and I think I go to bed earlier every year. We must scrap like we've never scrapped before. Here's the next many homes has Janice had us all in over the past 10 years?? I'm guessing this is #5.

Janice said...

You'd be correct sweetie - 5 homes! Criminy! 1999-2003/4 at Ravensburg, 1 at Farmhouse,2 at Sunrise Dr., 1 at rental house, and NOW the rest at Wiser Lake?!?!?!

Tanya said...

You had me at "chocolate fountain!"