Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dinner made easy!

This last weekend, we headed out as a family to Costco to get some much needed groceries. There were just a few more freezer meals left and it was getting very hard to come up with lunches for the girls...thankfully they like to take hot lunch most days.

Anyway, on Monday, Ethan and I headed to Safeway to get a few more things and then came home to start the meal making marathon. This is what my counter top started out looking like...everything I needed to make 9 meals!
Now, normally I could put these meals together in about 15 minutes. But this time, it took me an hour. I had to cut round steak into strips and I tried to cut away as much of the fat as possible. And, for those of you looking for some money saving tips, I cut my pork chops in half. The pork chops from Costco are so thick and our kids just don't eat that much meat at one time. So, I decided to cut them in half and then cut away all of the fat. So, this step also took a little extra time but one package of the pork chops gave me 3 meals and there were 6 pork chops in each meal.

Once all of the meat was prepped, I was throwing meals together and done in a matter of 30 minutes. Interruptions from Ethan and the phone were not helping. But hour total isn't bad and this is what went into the freezer!So, for those of you wondering what we do at my Homemade Gourmet Supper Clubs...this is it! And other than my cutting board being dirty from cutting up the meat...there really wasn't much of a mess. We are set with meals and I'm looking forward to just pulling them out and dumping them in the crock pot! Dinner made easy!!


The McPhails said...

Can't wait for Feb. 8th so I can get some meals in the freezer.

Janice said...

SOMEDAY - maybe I'll be able to come make meals for my freezer.............:-(