Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Band Concert

Brenna decided that she wanted to take band this year. I was thrilled when she said this and thought for sure she would want to play my clarinet. Nope, she decided she wanted to play the flute. We borrowed a flute over the summer, got her a fingering chart, and set her free. She was really picking up on it fast so we went ahead and researched on Amazon and found a great deal on a flute for her. She was so committed to learning this instrument that she volunteered to take after school tutoring with her band teacher. It has been so fun to listen to her play. Every once in awhile she will play along with Jason while he is playing the piano. He pulls the hymn book out and away they go.

When we met with her band teacher for conferences he said that nobody would ever be able to guess that she was a first year flute player. She has caught up to those who started last year in 6th grade!

December 8th was her first band concert. It was fun to hear the difference in each of the bands. The kids advance so much each year and you can really hear it in the music that they each played.

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