Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bubbles, Bubbles and More Bubbles!

Yes, that's right bubbles! Ethan got his birthday present tonight from "Uncle" Randy and "Aunt" Janice (Korthuis)...they've been a little busy building their new house and moving so they had to miss the party. Hey, we like to celebrate birthdays all month long! So anyway, his gift was...a BUBBLE GENERATOR! This thing puts out over 10 thousand bubbles in just a couple of minutes and Ethan just sits and laughs at it. He absolutely loves it! We will now be taking up stock in the bubble business. As I was sitting with Ethan watching the bubbles I had a thought (which is amazing since my head feels like it could explode right now)...okay, my thought...we need these bubble generators for weddings. I thought, how fun to see a bride and groom "run" through bubbles as they leave the church/reception hall. This would be the wedding coordinator side of me coming out. I see lots of entertainment coming from this great new toy.

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Amanda DeHoog said...

Do you know where they got the bubble machine . . . my nephew Jake would love it!