Saturday, July 26, 2008

A fun weekend!

We started off with a family reunion last night (Friday). Unfortunately, I forgot the camera so I have no pictures to share. The kids had a blast and it was great to see family that we haven't seen for awhile. The reunion was at the Deming Logging Show. The girls were all over that place on bikes with cousins. Alyssa, our princess, was an absolute dust ball. We gave her a bath when we got home and the water was brown when she got out of the tub. Ethan was loving the playgrounds and being able to just run and play. His favorite thing was the big, dark tube slide. It was hard to get him away from it.

Today, we started the day out with John Deere days at NorthWashington of the local tractor suppliers here in Whatcom County. It was a lot of fun! They had great activities for the kids...train rides, bouncy "houses", candy scramble, peddle tractor pulls, and other activities; the Dairy Princesses were there; and free lunch for everyone! If you've never been to this must go next year. The kids even got to sit on the tractors. I remembered the camera for this event. See the pictures below.

Jason and I had a wedding this afternoon...I was coordinator and Jason played piano. It was a very nice short/small wedding. Jason was supposed to return back to the church for service tonight and lead worship but at the wedding, Pastor Craig informed us that he was going to have tonight's service outside and was giving the worship team the night off!!!!! So, now we will have family night...swimming in the pool (personally, I think it's too cold so I will be observing), light dinner, go for a little drive (we do have a destination so we aren't just wasting gas!), maybe do the fire pit and s'mores (if it's not too windy), and, if it is too windy, we will have a movie night with popcorn. Of course, we will have to get everyone to bed on time as we have church in the morning and need to be there a little earlier than normal. What a great weekend!

The famous "Kids R.R." was out at
the event giving train rides.

The kids had a blast...they were the
only ones in the bouncy "castle".

Ethan couldn't get enough of the big clydesdale and her baby.
He wanted in with them so Daddy had to hold him!

There was so much candy in the huge pile of hay.

Ethan loved to climb on the tractors and pretend to drive.

He even wore his John Deere hat for the event!

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