Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Reunion at the bay

This past weekend was spent with family...some in which we have not seen for quite some time. It was the Groen family reunion. It was nice having the reunion so close this year. The last reunion was in Leavenworth...beautiful place but too far for the kids, especially for Brenna since she gets car sick. This year Uncle Dick and Aunt Mar had everyone to their place. They have a beautiful home on the bay. The tide was perfect for getting in some clam digging and just having some fun in the sand. Although, shockingly, Ethan could not stand being wet and having sand on him. After an hour of playing he was in tears and ready to go get clean. The kids had a blast on the beach. They found a huge rock that had several star fish on it. They were each able to find one that they could pull off and hold. Of course, they all thought they could bring the star fish home. They were pretty upset when we told them the star fish had to stay with their friends.

After the clam digging was finished, we had to dig before eating to beat the tide, we ate a lot of great food. The women in this family know how to cook! There were so many great appetizers, salads and desserts and Uncle Dick and Aunt Mar really know how to cook up some great salmon! Due to fish allergies...Jason and a few others had burgers...poor people!

We also celebrated my Great-Aunt Liz's 89th birthday. We got a picture of her with some of the great-great-nieces and nephews.

It was a great day! We all had a lot of fun just catching up and relaxing in the sun.

The kiddos and their star fish friends

Digging for clams

The girls trying all the good appetizers.

Mom even made it out!! Her first big outing! Everyone was so happy to see her.

Jason, Duane and Todd...relaxing in the sun...talking berries and tomatoes?

Todd, Trisha, Kara and Aunt Cathy

Alyssa and Kara hanging out...Kara is so good taking time with all the kids. Kind of reminds me of what I use to do before having my own.

Great-Aunt Liz with just a small handful of the great-great nieces and nephews.

And our entertainment...Uncle Ron and Uncle Dick. They've always got something up their sleeves to share with the rest of us. This time was the harmonica. They had us all laughing.

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