Friday, August 15, 2008

A Day at the Fair

We spent a full day at the fair yesterday (Thursday). It was a scorcher but we all made it with lots of water and a mid-afternoon break to go home to eat and get a little rest. Ethan was so excited to see all the animals. His reactions were fun to watch. He was a little sad that we left last night without telling the cows goodnight. All of the kids had a blast on the rides. We spent time with our friends Mark and Misty Kok and their kids Elisha and Maddison. The kids did the rides with Eli and they all had a blast! Brenna was a real trooper going on the smaller rides with her brother...we were so proud of her! No worries she got to go on a few of the rides in the "big kid" carnival. We were able to enjoy the Horse Grandstand show in the afternoon and then watched Sterling Dietz the magician in the evening. Sterling is a 17-year old from Lynden High School who performs magical illusion shows. In fact, he has even been to Las Vegas for a world wide competition and won. He is absolutely amazing. We all really enjoyed our time watching him.

Ethan and Mommy...yeah, I'm actually in a picture!

The kiddos enjoying the cow barn.

Daddy and Ethan with the sheep.

"Look Mom...I found the pigs!"

Enjoying the rides...

Fun with Elisha...

Brenna was a real trooper! Ethan thought is was great that he was "driving" his sister.

The one and only ride that Brenna was actually too tall for...that was a sad moment for Brenna (disappointment) and Mommy (is my baby really too big to ride?). Brenna knew that the bigger rides were coming...that was a sad moment for Mommy too!

On the carousel with Misty and Elisha Kok

The guy operating the bumber cars was very nice and allowed Alyssa to ride with Brenna. Technically Alyssa was suppose to be with an adult but really wanted to go with her sister. I couldn't believe that they were on the "big kid" rides. They even went on the caterpillar roller coaster...which involved the up, down and around motion and not just the around and around with a few little dips Dragon Roller Coaster in the "kiddy carnival".

We took a break in the afternoon to watch the horse events. Ethan kept telling these horses to watch out...I think he thought they were really going to run into each other.

"Look Dad and Mom...I'm "milking" the cow!"

Silly picture...

...and another silly picture!

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