Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's a beautiful day!

Yes, it is indeed! After getting a few things done around the house this morning and then a trip to the library and a few errands here in town, we are spending our afternoon in the sun! I decided that sitting in the sun sounded a whole lot better than vacuuming...a chore that did not get done this morning. It has been awhile since I have just gone out to SIT in the sun. I put on my cute little sun dress and headed out with the laptop. However, the glare was so bad that I couldn't see the screen without draping a towel over my head and the laptop. So, after a few minutes of online "shopping" with Brenna, I decided to shut the computer down and just enjoy being outside listening to the kids play in and out of the pool while I did nothing! It felt so good!!

Dillon, our extra for the summer, and Alyssa are currently playing with a ladybug. I remember being a kid and playing with ladybugs. Now, I can't stand to feel them crawling on me. Ethan has a bug farm that they have this ladybug in. It is kind of fun to watch it crawl around all the different obstacles.

Okay, it's back out to my recliner and the sunshine. I came inside for a little break and something cold to drink. Good thing it's pizza for dinner tonight...I really didn't want to turn on my oven.

Happy sunning!

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