Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hot Sunny Days = Swimming Pool Fun!

Today has got to be one of the funnest days. We have been in our pool a lot over the past couple of weeks but today tops it! Today, we have Dillon (our friend) and the three boys (Wayne, Weston and Wyatt). Everyone was wanting to go in the pool first thing this morning but I was able to hold them off until after lunch. Once they were finished eating, they all had swimsuits on and were heading out the door. We got sunscreen on everyone, the pool cover off and ladder in, and let them loose.

I was able to catch this photo before they got too wild.
They all had tons of fun jumping off the ladder and seeing who could make the biggest splash.
These two were having a blast in the pool...can you tell?!
Brenna was amazing with Weston! I was a little nervous about putting him the pool with the big kids. We had all talked about how we needed to be safe with the little ones and needed to watch out for them. Brenna took it to heart and protected Weston from the big kids. She would swim around with him on her back and when he was ready to get out, she was right there with him. What a girl! She is making her momma proud!!
I love the fact that Brenna couldn't get his arm floaties off so she just wrapped him in the towel with them on. He looks like he's ready for some football!

Wyatt was amazing! He just hung out on the grass, crawling around checking things out.
He found the cord for the pool pump and that seemed to keep him occupied for a little while. Eventually, we decided that he needed to be a part of this pool party also! We couldn't just let him sit and watch the big kids.
He loved dangling his toes in the water and at one point decided that he wanted to splash a little with his hands. It was so cute!!
I love how Wayne was right there making sure Auntie wasn't going to let Wyatt fall in. He kept saying, "He is too little to swim Auntie." He is such a great big brother!

I'm so thankful for the fun that we can have with our friends and cousins. I'm looking forward to many more days of this!!


Tanya said...

Okay, NO FAIR! I am cooped up indoors, and get a message to check the blog, and... EEEK! My precious babies (all SEVEN of them) are having a blast without me. I am SO thankful that they have such a fabulous Aunt who enjoys watching them so much. We are blessed!

Janice said...

Fun days - fun memories! You're such a GREAT auntie and of course Brenna is awesome with Wyatt - she's her mother's daughter!!!!!