Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cement Truck = 4 very excited boys!

Today was "Auntie Day"! This is the day when Wayne, Weston and Wyatt get to come and spend the day with us while their daddy and mommy are at work.

Yesterday, the neighbors were having some work done at their house and they ended up tearing out their entire sidewalk. I kind of wondered when the hole was going to be filled in but didn't think much of it today. I was too busy caring for 4 boys to worry about what was going to be happening next door.

At about 11:30, I heard the beeping of a truck backing up. I remembered then about the project going on next door. I asked Ethan to go look out the window and to tell me what he saw. I didn't want to announce what I thought it was just in case it was just the garbage truck coming later than normal. Well, my initial thought was right! Ethan was quickly yelling, "It's a cement truck's a cement truck." In no time at all, I had the three big boys up on the couch. I walked over with Wyatt and he instantly wanted in on the action. I couldn't resist getting this picture...
Yes, I realize that Weston has no pants on. He was in too big of a hurry to get back to playing after a diaper change. And, yes, I realize that Ethan is still in his pajamas at 11:30 in the morning. It's days like this that he rarely gets dressed. He loves to be in his pajamas and the days that the cousins are over are a good excuse to just stay in them. No worries though, he was dressed within a few hours of this picture because we had to go get Brenna from school. And, Weston had pants on by then as well!

Okay, back from that little rabbit trail. The boys had so much fun watching the guys outside working. I couldn't believe how long Wyatt actually stood there with the boys. No worries, once the picture was taken I was right behind Wyatt!

I wonder if there will be anything exciting happening in the neighborhood next week when the boys are back? I should see which neighbor I can convince to have the cement truck back...HAHA!

I love these days with the boys! It is so fun to watch them all interact together. It's always a great time for Ethan to be able to spend time with his "brothers from another mother".

Thanks Tyler and Tanya for letting us take care of your boys while you are at work. We love having them here!

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Tanya said...

We'll "let" you have them any time!!! And seriously, it's moments like these that prove my point.. having our boys with someone who adores them as much as I do means THE WORLD!!!! Your house is like a second home to them... no pants and all!