Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's been waiting for this day!

Today could have come a whole lot faster for Ethan. He was been waiting for this day for weeks! For awhile, he was convinced this day would never come and that I was keeping him from it. What day is this day???


We have talking about Ethan going to a new Preschool this year for several months. He has been asking daily since the girls have returned to school..."is today the day?" "are you ever going to let me go mom?" We saw Ms. Janet one day (she is a good family friend and also one of Ethan's new teachers) and she was able to convince Ethan that it wasn't time for school yet because the classroom wasn't ready for any of the kids to be there. That helped for about a week. And then, cousin Wayne started preschool. Ethan didn't think it was fair at all.

Friday, we were able to visit Ethan's new class and see some of his classmates. He was a little overwhelmed but was even more ready for today to come.

So, before the cousins arrived this morning, we took our "back-to-school" picture. I just knew that with extra kiddos here, I would probably forget to take this picture.
When we arrived at school, he took off and acted like he didn't me there.
That is until we arrived to the classroom. Once we got there he wanted me by him and helping him. Of course, with this being a new preschool to our family, I wasn't sure of the arrival routine. Thankfully, Ms. Janet was there to assist and Ethan responded very well to her.

We started out with the "check-in". Ethan had to move his name from "home" to "school". Miss Gidget is in the picture here helping each of the kids.
Once he checked-in, we headed over to the hooks to hang up his backpack. He found his name and hung his backpack up in the corresponding section.
(Hey...looks like the reflectors on his backpack really do work! Glad the flash went off to help us check this minor detail. HA!)

Next, he got to choose a tub of "table toys" and then he needed to go find his name tag on a table so he knew where to sit.
He looked so big sitting there ready to go. I have no worries that his first day is going to be great!

Wayne is excited that he gets to ride with me to go get Ethan from school. We can't wait to hear about Ethan's day. It is going to be so fun having the two boys together and hearing about each of their Preschools and how they compare them.

Now that Ethan is back in Preschool, it's time to get a solid daily routine set around here. I still have not found a job and am trying to make the most of my time at home but these past couple of weeks, I have just been enjoying my time with Ethan

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Janice said...

Wow - can't believe he's old enough!! He looks so grown up and oh mama - you're gonna be beatin' the girls off someday!! :-)