Saturday, June 4, 2011

Farmer's Day Parade...Pool Goes Up!

Today was the Farmer's Day Parade. It was a beautiful day!! Last year, Jason was working on the day of the parade and I had some how been able to keep the kids from knowing it was parade day and we slept in.

This year, however, was different. Brenna was in the parade this year with the Middle School and High School choirs. There was no skipping the parade today. Jason, once again, had to be at work so he wasn't able to join us. We also had Brenna's BFF spend the night Friday night so that she could attend the parade with us. The kids had a blast. We had to be at the parade route early to get Brenna where she needed to be. So, we found our spot, laid out the blankets, called the rest of the family members that were going to be joining us to let them know where we were and then got Brenna to her pre-parade location.

I am so glad that Tyler and Tanya thought the 10:30 parade started at 10:00 because they arrived just 5 minutes after us and were able to help entertain Ethan before the parade.

We were right in front of the post office and liquor store. In between these two buildings, there is a nice section of grass with some shade. The boys were able to just run and get the wiggles out before the parade started.

Brenna hung out with Wyatt for a few minutes before meeting up with the choir. Brenna loves helping out with Wyatt. I mean, who wouldn't love to spend time with this adorable little guy?
Ethan's friend Connor, and his family, were walking by to find seating and the boys decided that Connor and his family needed to sit by us. It was fun to have sweet Connor with the other boys. He's not use to having cousins/family around so he had a real eye opener. They seemed to have a lot of fun though.

There were several entries in the parade and the kids had fun watching all of the different entries pass by. This was the crew of kids watching...Paige, EmmaRae (Brenna's BFF), Wyatt, Alyssa, Ethan, Wayne, and Connor.
Paige spent much of her time standing like this. Her eyes were glued to all the action. The only thing that broke her stare was the candy flying through the air.
She was so proud of her little bag of candy.
This was our favorite parade entry...

Brenna met up with us after the choir had gone through the parade route. It was fun to have her with us watching the rest of the parade. At one point, all of the kids stood up and I just couldn't pass this picture up.

There was also a Farmer's Market type area in one of the parking lots. It included some food booths as well. Lynden does such a great job putting this day together. There are activities all day downtown.

We didn't stay downtown after the parade because I was determined to get the pool set up and start filling it before Jason got home. I wanted to surprise him. Well, that didn't happen as planned. We discovered a few holes in the upper ring that I needed help with. So, once we got the holes patched, we moved forward with getting the pool filled. It was great to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather!!

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