Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

Tuesday was Ethan's last day of Preschool. He has had an amazing year and absolutely loved his teachers. Ms. Karen, Ms. Gidget, Ms. Janet, and Ms. Nancy...THANK YOU!! (Sorry the picture is blurry. I don't know what happened. Too bad we can't do a re-do.)
The last day was a play day and ice cream party. It was also our day for having Wayne, Weston and Wyatt at our house and Ethan's amazing teachers invited them to join in on the fun.

We started out by playing in the gym. The boys loved the rock wall. Ethan didn't have a problem climbing this wall alone.

After some time of free play, Ms. Gidget pulled out the parachute. There were 3 of us moms there and we were all asked to participate. It was a lot of fun but I wasn't able to get any video or pictures of the action. It was neat to see Weston and Wayne interacting with all of Ethan's school friends. Wyatt, well, he just hung out in the stroller.
Once we were finished in the gym, we went back to the classroom. There, the kids sang a few of their songs that they sang throughout the year. Their favorite was the "chicken dance". We found out at the party that our son added his own little twist to part of it...a hand wave.

After their "performance" we all had ice cream with lots of fun toppings and cookies.

It was a great afternoon but very sad when we left. Ethan is the baby in our family and today was the last day of Preschool for all of us. It's hard to believe that we are officially finished with Preschool.

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