Saturday, January 3, 2009

Extended Silves family

The BIG Silves family Christmas has always been on Christmas day but with there being so many of us it is getting harder and harder to have everyone there on Christmas day. So, this year, we had Christmas with the Silves family on the 28th. And, almost everyone was there. And, instead of doing a big meal, everyone brought appetizers. It was perfect! Here are a few pictures of the day.

The girls got Password Journals from Great-Grandma Silves.

Great-Grandma Silves gave Ethan a scooter. He was so excited. He has been wanting his very own scooter and is now riding it around the house...hope the snow goes away soon!
Wayne opening his gift from Great-Grandma Silves.
Wayne helping Weston open his present. That's what a big brother is for, right?!

The Christmas parties are now officially over for our family. It was a fun year with the kids but I'm glad the going, going, going is over. Hope you all had a wonderful, Christ filled Christmas!!

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Janice said...

Ethan will have to bring that scooter over to Aunt Jan's long paved driveway!!!