Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Got "zert"?

So, last night we asked the kids to get their pajamas on and the next thing we hear coming from Ethan's room is, "Do we have any zert?" Jason and I broke out laughing. Of course, we knew exactly what he meant but had some fun with it for awhile, convincing him that we don't have zert in our house. The girls eventually caught on to what Ethan was asking for and went running for the freezer. I love how kids come up with their own words for things. We tried for awhile to get Ethan to say DESSERT but it just kept coming out "zert". Oh I love this little guy! (He likes to remind me that he is not little, he is a big boy. He will always be my baby!) He sure does keep us laughing!!

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Tanya said...

I tell Wayne and Weston every night when I kiss them before I go to bed, "I'll love you forever, I'll pray for you always, forever my baby you'll be!"