Saturday, January 3, 2009

White Christmas

We woke up Christmas morning to even more snow than we had going to bed on Christmas Eve...I think it snowed all night. In spots of our yard, depending on where it had drifted from before, it was close to 3 feet deep. The 4 foot fence between us and one of our neighbors had just over a foot still above snow.
Here are some pictures from our sliding door first thing Christmas morning...

I took a picture of our house as we were leaving to go to Grandma Groen's for lunch on Christmas day.
On our way to Grandma's with my new coffee cup!! Peek-a-boo Alyssa, we see you! (She's peeking from over my right shoulder to get in the picture.)
The sun came out after lunch and it was so beautiful beaming down on the snow. I had to take a picture. We have decided that this is a great postcard picture. This was taken from Grandma's front porch, shooting down towards the creek.
When we got home from Grandma's, Jason shoveled the can get a good idea of how deep the snow was along the, this does not include what he shoveled off...that snow is on the other side of the sidewalk.
Jason and the kids went out to play...Daddy and Ethan got into a snowball fight.
The snow was too deep for Ethan to walk in so he had to crawl through it.
Jason put Ethan straight down into the snow so we could see how deep it really was on came up to his arm pits, no wonder he couldn't walk in it.
Alyssa went down on her knees to get through the snow as well. She said it was too hard to walk through and didn't want to fall any more.
Brenna tromping through the snow coming to the's just above her knees here.

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Janice said...

Love the snow pics - I see some scrapbooking time coming! I need to get that slumber party planned now!