Thursday, April 15, 2010

Allergic to haircuts?

So, Ethan and I just had this conversation...

Me: "Ethan, I think it's time to give you a haircut."
Ethan: "No...I don't need one."
Me: "Well, actually you do because your hair is coming down over your ear. We should quick do it before school."
Ethan: "Mom, you can't give me a haircut."
Me: "Why? I do it all the time."
Ethan: "Mom, remember I'm allergic to haircuts."

What? Since when is this boy allergic to haircuts? The things he's been coming up with lately. I think we will wait until Daddy gets home to do this haircut.

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Janice said...

My kids would love this one - I'll have to share!! Sounds like something Nathan would've come up with - and - if that says anything about Ethan's future....hold on for the ride :-)!!