Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pray for Darin...

This past Tuesday, we received a call that our friend Darin Thompson, who lives in California, had been hit by a car while working and was seriously injured and being taken into emergency surgery.

I had this instant pit in my stomach. I was instantly praying for Darin and his family and feeling completely at a loss. You see in situations like this I jump into my immediate "what do I need to do, what can I do" mode. I love to take care of people during the tough times! On Tuesday, there was nothing I could do other than just pray. It's times like these that I am thankful for the ever-addicting Facebook. Through facebook, I have been able to stay updated with Darin's condition through his daughter's postings.

As of today, Darin has already had a couple of surgeries but has a pretty intense surgery coming up this next week. Several of his ribs are broke and his lungs were punctured. The docs are waiting for the lungs to heal a little more before they go in to repair the ribs. This is going to be a very tedious surgery since our lungs are so delicate. Pray for the doctors to have steady hands this week. There will be other surgeries to come as well.

Pray for traveling safety for Darin's parents and sister and brother-in-law. They have all traveled to California from Prescott Valley, AZ and will be heading back to Arizona tomorrow and Monday. It will be hard for them to leave Darin simply because he is still in the Trauma Care unit but he is at a great medical facility and Darin's wife and kids are there with him.

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