Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saved by a surprise visit!

Today was a full day of extra kids! Here's what the morning looked like...

6:45...I'm up and getting ready
7:00...Kids all up and getting ready
7:25...VanWerven children (2) arrive
7:45...Breakfast for all of those needing fed
8:00...Collin arrives
8:30...Make sure all kiddos leaving for school have hair done, teeth brushed and shoes going on their feet
8:35...Get Collin his breakfast
8:45...Girls and VanWerven kids out the door for the school bus
8:47...Wayne, Weston and Wyatt arrive

That's just the start of the day. From there...I was asked at least 20 times (and I'm not exaggerating) when the boys were getting snacks and when I was going to make lunch. I finally set the timer and told the boys that when they heard the beep I would make lunch. PHEW! Solved that problem!

The rest of the morning consisted of getting babies down for naps and keeping the bigger boys playing quietly and nicely. They did great considering they are 2 and 4.

All 5 boys were fed by 12:30 and babies were back down for afternoon naps by 1:00. By 1:30 the girls were home and noise level increased. (It was early release today.) Just when I was beginning to wonder if I was going to survive this crazy day...SURPRISE! Two lovely ladies arrived at my front door with the most precious little girl!

Thank you Katie, Molly and Macy for the wonderful little visit! It wasn't a long visit but it was perfect! Adult contact was just what I was needing. (I'm so glad they were understanding of the mess they walked's a little hard to keep the house clean and dishes caught up when balancing all these kiddos.)

Now...I have the kids outside and the babies are still down for naps. The sand toys are out and they have all had otter pops. Thank you Jesus for the beautiful sunshine today!!

In about 1-1/2 hours mommies will be arriving for their precious children. It's been a crazy day and, for the most part, they have all been pretty good. But, I am hoping for a quiet evening tonight!


Tanya said...

It must have been my four year old declaring his hungry, and the timer idea is BRILLIANT! So much left to learn from you. Thank you for having my preciouses. They love their Auntie!

Janice said...

So much for a quiet evening with Janice around and calling for help!! Thanks so much for getting the meds (a lifesaver) and helping us get the paperwork done! You are precious my friend!

Tanya said...

Oh, evening was quiet! I don't recall children running around me at your house. It was my pleasure helping out with meds and paperwork.

Molly Gustafson said...

Loved visiting you (and the Nelson's of course). I don't know how I missed this blog the other day, where have I been to comment? :) I'm so glad I know where you live now, so I can visit more often to add to the craziness and one more baby!!!