Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not exactly what I was expecting...

Well, the past couple of days hasn't been exactly what I expected for my vacation but I'm so glad that I've been here and have been able to help!

Thursday morning, my dear friend's husband got very sick with the flu. This poor guy has a bread route that he does and has to deliver to grocery stores and restaurants about 90 minutes away from home. There was no way the route was getting done. So, Becky and I loaded Gracie up in the van and headed for the bread depot to meet a guy so that he could at least deliver the buns to McDonalds and Burger King. Once we got home, we finished making the grocery list and headed to town to do a few errands. By that evening, Gracie got sick...she had been sick earlier in the week before I arrived and we figure she just ate the wrong things too early for her little body.

Yesterday, Friday, Chuck was well enough to go to work and took their son, Robert, along with him to help. They were able to get a good chunk delivered but had to quit early because Sheffy was graduating last night. While they were working, Becky and I stayed home all day with Gracie cleaning everything from those who had been sick. (I'm so glad I was here to help. My poor friend is exhausted!) I was also able to get some good tanning time in!!

It was nice to just be able to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather because from what I hear from my family, it's cold and raining at home. Yuck!

Friday evening was graduation for Sheffy and I am so glad that I was able to attend. Sheffy's class had about 35 graduates. She attended a college prep school.

...this is Gracie and I before graduation. She was starting to feel so much better!
 ...Sheffy and Chuck after graduation...
Isn't she a beautiful girl! It has been great spending time with Sheffy and getting to know her better. She got a laptop for graduation so this afternoon, she and I spent time together getting things set up!

Speaking of today, Becky got a call at 6:30 this morning. Of course, I was thinking it was someone calling with a very early birthday wish...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!! I was wrong. It was Chuck, he was feeling worse than last night and there was a ton of bread to be stocked because of the holiday weekend. He was feeling bad for asking because he knew that I was here to be spending time with Becky but he desperately needed our help. So, Becky came in to my "room" and told me the situation. Of course, I was totally willing to go and help. That's what I in the time of need. So, we left the house by 7:40 and headed for Sedona...a 90 minute drive. Sheffy came along for the extra help and she's stocked the bread at the grocery stores before so we desperately needed her help! We were able to get it all completed and headed for home by noon. It was actually kind of fun. The three of us girls had some good laughs. I was joking with Chuck and Becky that I've now earned my room and board and I have something new to add to my resume.

Tonight, Becky and I took Gracie to In-N-Out for dinner. Chuck was home in bed and Sheffy and Robert both had to work. So, it was just the three of us.
I have been craving In-N-Out since I have been here. I bet looking at this picture, you are wishing you were here with me! :) (The most amazing cheeseburger, the best french fries, and a great tasting Strawberry milkshake.)
After dinner, the three of us girls headed over to Frank and Wanda's, Becky's parents, for birthday cake. Wanda and Gracie made Becky a cake this morning while we were in Sedona. Becky always has a strawberry cake with powdered sugar frosting. She has had this for longer than I have known her. It's tradition. She was a little worried this morning that the cake was maybe not going to be made once we found out that we needed to go help Chuck. Thank you Wanda for making Becky's tasted great!

Here Becky and I are after our long day...
We were both so tired! It has felt good to just be sitting here kicking back relaxing now this evening.

Tomorrow and Monday...WE ARE DOING NOTHING! There are no bread deliveries so we won't be called in for back-up and we have decided that we all just need to skip church tomorrow morning and stay home for some much needed rest. I'm planning on lots of time in the sun...or as much as I can handle. I've been successful at avoiding any sunburn up to this point! I am definitely getting some color but am determined to not get burnt!

Really, it's been great being here. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so glad that God has allowed me to be here during this time. Robert and Sheffy keep joking that I really picked a bad time to visit. I keep telling them that I'm glad I'm here to help Becky. It's what I do.

Thank you Chuck and Becky for allowing me to come and stay with you. It's been so long since my last visit and in no way do I feel put-out for having to help with the different things going on here. Love you guys!

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Tanya said...

Good to know you've not been livin' the easy life down in Arizona, we've got to make sure you get on your flight on Tuesday!