Wednesday, June 2, 2010

...a restful ending and the trip home.

So Sunday we all got sleep in! I didn't get out of bed until felt great! We just sat around all day doing nothing. I spent a little time out in the sun, did some reading, was on the computer, colored with Grace, and just rested!

On Monday, we had Becky's parents (I claim them as my second set of parents!), Frank and Wanda, Becky's Grandma Thompson, and also Becky's cousin, Kristin, and her family over for lunch. It was a very relaxing morning and afternoon. It was nice to spend a good chunk of time with Frank and Wanda. We had spent a little time here and there with them but not as much as we had hoped for because of all the icky sick bugs floating around.

Monday night was spent making sure I had everything packed and ready to go...or as much as I could pack at the time any way.

Tuesday morning I was up bright and early and caught the 9:15 shuttle from Prescott Valley down to the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. Our driver got us there in record time. It was a good thing too! I was riding with a bunch of retired people and those women needed to back off on the perfume! I thought I was going to get sick from the strong smell.

I was so amazed at quickly I was getting through ticketing and security and then the delay came...I kept setting off the security alarm. I was sure to not wear any jewelry, other than my wedding ring, and I had nothing in my pockets. We could not figure out what it was. So, after the third time of setting it off I was asked to step into the holding area. They called for a female security guard and then it all began! I was taken to a different area...thankfully with all of my stuff that had gone through the belt...and they used the wand. Again, it kept going off. We ended up determining that Victoria Secrets needs to use a lighter gauge wire for their under wire bras! I will be sure to thank them the next time I'm in there. Go figure... my bra set off the alarm. The funny thing is, I wore the exact same bra but different color on the way to Arizona. So, my next question is... are the sensors in Arizona just stronger than the ones in Seattle? Makes me wonder!

When I finally arrived in Seattle, Jason was already there waiting for me. It was so good to see him. We stopped for dinner in Lynnwood. The traffic was starting to get heavy so we decided we would rather sit and eat dinner than sit on the freeway starving. It was good to have time for just the two of us to chat about our weeks before getting to the kids.

The kids were all at my mom's place and were thrilled to see me when I walked in. The girls were hanging on me and Ethan was being a "pill". He just looked at me and said hi and continued with the computer game he was playing. I got a good "love" from him later!

We got everyone home just before 9:00 and I was so thankful to be able to finally crawl into my own bed! I slept great! However, it was very hard to get up this morning!

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