Thursday, June 17, 2010

Field Day 2010!

We love Field Day around here! It usually always marks the last full day of school.

I took the girls to school and then dropped Ethan off at my mom's for the day. From there I headed back to the school to get my assignment for Session #1...the 4th & 5th graders. It was kind of a sad morning because this was Brenna's last field day.

I love that our school rents these really cool inflatables for field day. We usually have 5 or 6 of them there and then the rest of the activities are obstacle courses and games that our PE teacher comes up with. The big kids don't have to do any kind of rotation through the activities. It's a free for all...however, they are encouraged to do each activity at least once.

This was a new inflatable for us this year...the Rat Race. It was harder than it looked. I raced Brenna through it and came out with a "rug" burn on my elbow...I must have rubbed along the stitching some where. I forgot how bad those things hurt.
The other favorite for the kids is the Bungee Pull. The kids put harnessed on a harness and then are clipped on to a bungee cord. The goal is to see how far you can stretch that cord and place a Velcro marker along the upper side edges. The kids love to see who can their markers the furthest.
Alyssa's class was in the second session.
This was the first year that the 2nd & 3rd graders had a free for all. They usually go around to each station with their class. The kids loved it! These kids seemed to be a little bit better with making sure they went to each station and boy was I glad! My friend Janet and I were at the "Tractor Roll". The kids climb into big cardboard boxes and crawl in them to move the box down the field. This isn't a real popular station with the kids so we were glad to see the kids making sure they hit all of the stations.
Later in the day, I went back to field day to see Brenna again. She had been chosen to be a peer student and help with the Kindergarten & 1st grade session. We were so proud of her for being chosen to do this. She earned this, and didn't know it, from excellent behavior and great homework habits throughout the year! Way to go Brenna. She had a lot of fun helping the younger kids!
Later that evening, the PTA held our annual Family Fun Night. They provide dinner and all of the inflatables are up for the kids to play on one more time. Alyssa was so good about making sure Ethan got to go on the inflatables. She and Kylie took him any where he wanted to go. Such sweet girls! Here's Alyssa getting ready to come down the slide part of the Rat Race. Of course, Kylie was racing them through and I have them stop for a pictures..."Way to go Mom!"
All in all, it was a great end to the school year! The girls had to go Tuesday for a half day and since I was the room mom for Alyssa's class this year, I made sure we ended with a little celebration. I showed up around 12:30 with Popsicles for the kids and they were all out of school by 1:10!!

We are ready to start summer vacation and are hoping the sun decides to shine for more than one day at a time.

We set the pool up on Monday, because it was such a gorgeous day, and had it filling with water while we were at Family Fun Night. We finished filling it on Tuesday but haven't been able to even attempt to get in it because the weather got cold and rainy again. :( Here's hoping for some warm weather...and soon!

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