Monday, June 28, 2010

A day of surprises!

Saturday, June 26th was a day full of surprises! Jason had worked from 6 until 2. The kids and I met him at work and then we went to go do what the kids thought were some errands. Jason dropped me off at the front doors of the mall and then went to find a parking spot. I met him and the kids back at the van and told Jason our secret plans were a go! The kids gave us funny looks and then we told them they needed to get out of the van because we were going to see Toy Story 3. I wish I had been able to record their reactions. They were totally surprised and had no idea that we were even thinking about doing this.

Once we got our tickets, pop and popcorn, we made our way to the theater. The movie itself was great! While sitting there, I realized that this was the first movie that the five of us had been to together. We had Ethan on one of those booster seats that they offer, which I highly recommend to those of you with small children and thinking about taking them to the theater. Any ways, with Ethan sitting on the booster, it gave me a view of what things are going to look like in a few years. It was scary and exciting all at the same time. The kids are growing so fast and  I don't want to forget these moments together as a family.

After the movie, I got a call from my "sister from the other mister" (Tanya, my sis-in-law). She and Tyler were taking the boys up to Sumas later that evening and was hoping that our family would join them. After a little discussion, Jason and I decided that because he had been up so early all week and that morning, it would be best for him to go to bed and miss the fireworks. He gave me the go ahead to take the kids up and enjoy the fireworks display. I was bummed that he wouldn't be able to join us but the kids were so excited...and that's an understatment.

We eventually made it home from Bellingham and had a couple of hours before the kids and I needed to load up and meet up with Tyler and Tanya. I spent my time getting snacks ready and making up the back of the van for the kids to lay in while watching the fireworks.

We made it to Sumas and had everyone settled with snacks by 9:00.
Ethan went back and forth between our van and Tyler and Tanya's Denali.

Uncle Tyler had purchased some amazing Kettle Corn. The kids loved it and Tanya and I had a hard time keeping our hands out of the bag. HA!

Needless to say, the fireworks were a great way to end this very fun day. It was a late night for the kiddos but they all did great and we look forward to doing this again!

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