Thursday, June 3, 2010

A special birthday celebration!

Update 6/20/10...So, it was brought to my attention that I made a typo. And, of course, the birthday boy himself had to be the one to catch this. Nathan, I am so sorry!! I know you are 22, not 23. I obviously did not proof my typing. "Aunt" Tanya promises to not make this mistake again! :)

Today was Nathan's 23rd 22nd birthday! This called for a special celebration!

God spared Nathan's life from a very serious motorcycle accident just over 6 weeks ago. Ethan has been very concerned about his Nay-Nay ever since the accident and would like to spend more time than he's been able to with his Nay-Nay. So, when I told Ethan that it was Nathan's birthday he made sure that he was going to be able to see him! He wanted to take his Nay-Nay a birthday donut.

I had arranged with Janice earlier for this little visit to we didn't show up at the house while Nathan was away at Physical Therapy.

When we get to the Korthuis home, Ethan goes to Nathan's bedside and this is what Janice and I find...

Notice Ethan isn't looking at the camera...he is too busy watching cartoons! Nathan is so good about immediately finding a cartoon show for the two of them to watch together.

Once we got the boys settled, we brought in the needed items to start this celebration.
We left the boys to eat their donuts and Janice and I headed out to the kitchen for coffee, donuts and some chat time.

I am so thankful that Nathan loves spending time with Ethan as much as Ethan loves to spend time with him. The sad part is is that we haven't been able to do this as much as I had hoped. Between Nathan's PT appts. and Dr. appts. and the crazy schedule of the Scheib family, we just haven't been able to make the two schedules line up.

Here's hoping for another visit soon!

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