Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Aunt of the Year" Award!

I WON!! At least according to Wayne I did. He told me that I was the best auntie ever! I love that boy!!

Now, you might be wondering why I "won" this award...

I couldn't handle hearing that Wayne was going to miss his field trip because it was happening on a non-school day and on a day that both his daddy and mommy had to work. So, since I was having the boys any ways, I volunteered to take all 4 boys to the Everson Fire Hall today so Wayne could join his class on this special day.

Our plan was to be in Everson by 9:45 so that we could take a leisure walk from Tyler and Tanya's house (we needed to get the double stroller on our way for the little guys) to the fire hall. It was a nice plan but didn't totally work out. We ended up taking a very fast walk to the fire hall and were a couple of minutes late but didn't miss much. (We were only 3 minutes late, but Fire Fighter Ken had started promptly at 10:15.)

The boys had a great time watching one of the moms be dressed up like a firefighter. Fire Fighter Ken explained what each piece of the fire suit was for and why each piece is so important.
The next thing the class got to see was the BIG pumper truck. They were in complete AWE of this truck! There were so many neat things to look at. The best part was watching how the fire fighters get the ladders off of the truck. There is a lift that lowers the ladders. (I didn't even know how this happened. Did you?)
Fire Fighter Ken took the kids over to the Ambulance next. They all got to take turns sitting in the back of the ambulance. I'm so glad that I got a picture of Wayne because I totally missed Ethan in the back of the rig.
We eventually made it outside to see the big tanker truck...this is the truck that carries water to fires that don't have a fire hydrant nearby. (Okay, this part I already knew but the kids didn't...HA!) This is also the truck that leads the way to fires and aid calls when there is snow on the ground because the firefighters keep "JAWS", the snow plow, hooked up to the front of the tanker truck to clear the roads so they can get to where they need to go.
Towards the end of our time at the Fire Hall, Fire Fighter Ken asked for a couple of volunteers to demonstrate Stop, Drop and Roll. I was so proud of Wayne for being the first one to raise his hand and volunteer. Here he is, with 2 other boys, showing his class how to do it...
The boys all had a great time with Wayne's class. These two little guys did amazing...they were in such amazement of the big trucks they just sat staring at everything and everyone.
I am so glad that it worked out to participate in this fun activity. Thank you Tyler and Tanya for allowing me to spend time with your boys each week and for allowing me to take Wayne to his special field trip. I love your boys like they were my own!


Tanya said...

Your welcome for the pleasure of having our precious boys! :-) Wayne has demonstrated "stop drop and roll" to us NUMEROUS times, and told us all about why he needs to do this (to put the fire out, so his clothes don't get dirty!)

You are one AMAZING (though slighly crazy) aunt for taking four kids on a field trip! You are my hero!

Molly Gustafson said...

That looks like a super fun way to spend a morning with four boys. :) You are an AWESOME auntie!