Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HUGE Savings...

at Rite Aid this morning! I had my list and refused to purchase anything not on the list. I had gone through the sale flyer and had my coupons ready. At the register the cashier was shocked!

**Before sales, Rite Aid +Up Rewards card, and coupons = $63.16 (before tax)
**After all of the above were taken into account = $26.22 (before tax)...that a $36.94 savings!!!

$14.84 of that was just for having a Rite Aid Wellness +Up Rewards Card... and the other $22.10 was from coupons. I spent about 45 minutes on Saturday watching little 30 second video clips on the Rite Aid website for products I knew we would use as a family.

I also left with 3, $1.00 off coupons because of specific purchases that I made.

I'm still in the learning phase of this and hoping to figure out ways to save even more! While at Rite Aid, I was purchasing Cheerios. I had 2 different coupons that I could use. (1 for just the box of Cheerios and another for purchasing a ...box of Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.) I pulled the box of Cheerios off the shelf and just happened to glance back up at it's spot on the shelf and noticed a box behind the box I had taken with an instant $1.00 off. Guess which box went with me to the register?! You got it...the one with that coupon and a bonus savings for me!

Just had to share! Now it's time to get things put away.

Have a great day!


Tanya said...

I'll give that a woot-woot!!!! Excuse me while I look for a coupon to use to buy you a "coupon queen" crown!!!!

Molly Gustafson said...

That is inspiring! I need to learn more about this for sure.

Laura said...

Yeah! Way to go.