Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Chalk Walk"

So this afternoon, once we took Ethan to school, the boys (my very special nephews) and I had lunch and then made a quick trip downtown Lynden for about 10 minutes to see Alyssa and her class as they created their Harvest Art on the sidewalks of Front Street. This is an annual event that the Lynden Chamber of Commerce puts on each year for all of the 3rd grade classes in Lynden. (These classes come from Lynden Christian and Lynden Public schools.)

Alyssa's class had walked from Isom Elementary to Front Street. They got their store front assignments and off they went! Some of the students had thought out what they wanted to put on the sidewalk and had their plans drawn out on paper.

Some of the drawings looked very similar but they were each unique. I was shocked to see that Alyssa and her BFF, Kylie, had almost the same "plans" and they don't even sit near each other in class. I guess it's a GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE kind of thing. They ended up right next to each other on the sidewalk though.
Our little artists got busy fast...
I wasn't able to stay long so tonight, Jason and I took her back to where her drawing was so that she could show us the finished project.
If you would like to go and see her art in is directly in front of Chad's Jewelry on Front Street. It's fun to go and see all of the creativity brought to the City of Lynden. Many of these kids are true artists!

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